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Romantic Times Reviews Fan Mail! by aubreyleatherwood
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Fan Mail from Cobblestone Press

When is a three-star review a five-star review? When it’s the recent review for Fan Mail in the September 2011 edition of Romantic Times Magazine (almost wrote Fan Maul, that’s another book, lol).

Keitha Hart at RT starts off the review by saying “This is an emotionally intense novella with believable characters and very hot love scenes. The characters are so finely created that readers will believe…” Seriously, I couldn’t ask for more. The one criticism in the review that I’ve also gotten with other pieces is that it could be longer. I really need to figure out how to crank out full length novels faster and stop it with the novellas. Granted… I *am* supposed to leave them wanting more, right? 😉 Still, the most important thing about this story is the relationship between Alicia and Tommy, and that, my friends, came across loud and clear.

Motivated to finish something new,



Come Fall in Love with Blair Langerud by aubreyleatherwood
March 10, 2010, 9:52 am
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Model Lover

Cover for Model Lover

“Every rugged, long-blond-haired, blue-eyed, beefy inch of him seduced her…”

OK, so there’s no denying it. I easily fall in love with a hot leading man, but come on, I’m not the only one. I think as romance and erotica authors, we have to have a visceral response to our characters. They don’t all look the same or move with the same swagger, but they all make our hearts beat faster, stronger.

My most recent infatuation is Blair Langerud, the Nordic heartbreaker in Model Lover, who knows just how to use his good looks to get what he wants. Only, what happens when he comes across a veteran, a woman who has been around the most gorgeous of men her whole life and has made a trade of her own good looks? You get to find out when Blair meets Pam Lane, model agent extraordinaire.

Here’s an excerpt for you:

Pam ran her fingers through his hair.

“It’s clean, of course.”

That didn’t stop Pam from leaning over him and sniffing. The heavenly scent of Old Spice greeted her. Old Spice?

“You wash your hair with Old Spice? You can’t wash your hair with Old Spice.” She stepped in front of him. “What will your sponsors say?”

Blair grabbed her and pulled her close until she had one knee on the loveseat. He buried his head between her breasts. “Keep interrogating me, and I’ll ask why you’re so familiar with the smell of Old Spice. I’m sure neither of us wants the answer to that.”

“There’s gray in here,” she remarked.

He didn’t say anything.

“A whole lot of gray at the root.”

He grunted.

“You really are older than me.”

“Are you going to cut it, or just play around up there?”

Pam laughed. His hair was indeed peppered with gray. She could just imagine how it was going to look sheared, sexy, rugged, mature. She sighed and wavered close to him, accidentally brushing her breasts against his back.

She heard his intake of breath the same as her own. And she smiled at the way his muscles tensed and his body heat licked out at her.

Enough of that. Her thumb flicked against the switch on the clippers, and they began a low hum. The sound, though still low, went a little shrill as she made her first swipe at the side of his crown.

A silken lock of gold hair flittered over her forearm. So odd how up until that moment, this intimacy between them had been so comfortable, so connected. And now, now with this delicate touch of him, his falling hair against her skin, something had changed between them.

She came around and studied his magnificent face. With her clippers in one hand, she used the other to run fingers through the satiny length of hair still hanging on the left side of his head. He turned so that the tip of his nose stroked the delicate inside of her arm. His lips then followed the path, a kiss on her wrist, the inside of her elbow. When she started to pull away, he clasped her hand and brought his lips to place a kiss on her palm. He stood then, his body all steel as he pulled her against him. His arm locked around her waist, and his steely blue eyes held her gaze.

Pam dropped the clippers. “I’m not sure I’m ready for this, Blair.”

“I think I’m ready enough for the both of us,” 


Model Lover comes to you Friday, March 12, 2010 from Cobblestone Press.

Aubrey Leatherwood