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Dara England

Dara England has existed for, oh, about two months now. The author behind the pen name is a twenty-five year old homemaker and mom of two toddlers.  Oh, and she’s also mommy to Ajax, an eight month old, fuzzy faced Yorkie puppy. 

Under one name or another, Dara has been writing since her teens.  Her earliest loves were fantasy and historical fiction, but this past summer she’s added paranormal romance to her list of favorite genres. Her first ebook, a paranormal/time travel called Brought to Life has recently been released from Lyrical Press

Dara is currently hard at work on another paranormal, which she hopes to have finished by the end of the year. In her spare time she’s playing with her babies, working through her third semester at college, and searching for a home for her other finished works: a fantasy series and a paranormal shape shifter novel.

You can contact Dara at:

Some fun places you can find Dara: –Her website 

The Lyrical Press Yahoo Group–A cool place for writers and readers alike to hang out.

Moon Drenched Fables–A fantasy webzine where Dara is an editor.


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Hey, this looks great, Dara! Looking forward to reading the new book when it comes out. Be sure to let me know the publication date. Hope this site drums up a lot of interest for you. You deserve it!

Comment by Sarah Ashwood

This all sounds awesome Dara. I’m gonna check out your paranormal romance on lyrical press when it comes out!

Comment by Hannah McGee

Thanks girls. It’s all been fun. Sarah,you’ll be the first to know when BTL is out. LOL. And good luck with your book too when it releases. 🙂

Comment by Dara

Having read the draft of one of your paranormal romances, I am really looking forward to reading the others. I’ll definitely have to check out the one that will be released on Lyrical Press next year.

Best wishes for a fantastic career! I can feel ultimate success for you in my bones.

Comment by Mercy

Thanks Mercy. I have faith in your bones. LOL

Comment by Dara

there is no such thing as to many books. thank you for more.

Comment by kathy gee

I love this! You’ve got talent! I loved the Ebook, “Brought To Life”. I am looking forward to see more of your work.

Laurie Foston

Comment by Laurie Foston

Thanks very much Laurie! I’m glad you enjoyed the book!


Comment by Dara England

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