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Kathleen Brandt

DjinnPleasure, pain and passion… A new master must be chosen

Tales from the Shadows: BeckaWhat is the true nature of haunting?

Savannah Chase

A Bid for LoveHer fantasy man is up for auction. Will Nico dare to bid?

Pleasure After the PainWhat is your wildest fantasy about getting a tattoo?


One Touch One Glance A Sweet Romance Anthology– What ever happend to good old fashioned romance?


Men In Shorts: An Erotic Anthology- with legs bared and muscles flexing, these men in shorts are sure to inspire, entertain and titillate you.


Hot Dads: The DILF Anthology–  They’re everywhere….



Grayson Reyes-Cole

Bright StarWhen evil is done for the greater good, a price must always be paid.

The BuilderIt’s never been the right time or the right place, but lovewon’t let them wait.

The Prescription Playboy  – December 2009

Dara England

Brought to Life

Cassie Exline

Amber’s Mysterious Death– Sheryl Locke Holmes and sidekick Dot Watson  investigate a friend’s death. 

Aubrey Leatherwood

The People You Know; The Sex They HaveWork is hard — take time to play.

ImperfectionPerfect love, Perfect Commitment, Perfect… Sex

DimeCan Nicole resist the call of the stage, the call of love?


Charlotte McClain

One Ring to Rule –  One spurned editor, one groveling prodigal artist and  one hundred thousand eavesdropping fans.

Three Alarm Tenant

Lesli Richardson

Love and Brimstone (Book 1) – Amira Press

Love Slave For Two (Book 1) (as Tymber Dalton) – Siren-BookStrand

Love Slave for Two: Family Matters (Book 2) (as Tymber Dalton) – Siren-BookStrand

Love Slave for Two: Beginnings (Prequel) (as Tymber Dalton) – Siren-BookStrand

Safe Harbor (as Tymber Dalton) – Siren-BookStrand

Love at First Bight (as Tymber Dalton) – Siren-BookStrand

Cross Country Chaos – Siren-BookStrand

The Reluctant Dom (as Tymber Dalton) – Lyrical Press

The Reluctant Dom (as Tymber Dalton) – print

Domme by Default (as Tymber Dalton) – Lyrical Press

Brimstone Blues (Book 2) – Amira Press

Dog Walk – Amira Press

Doggy Style – Amira Press

Trouble Comes in Threes (Triple Trouble 1) (as Tymber Dalton) – Siren-BookStrand

Storm Warning (Triple Trouble 2) (as Tymber Dalton) – Siren-BookStrand

Three Dog Night (Triple Trouble 3) (as Tymber Dalton) – Siren-BookStrand

Boiling Point (Tasty Treats Vol. 3) (as Tymber Dalton) – Siren-BookStrand

Steam (sequel to “Boiling Point”) (as Tymber Dalton) – Siren-BookStrand 

Cardinal’s Rule (as Tymber Dalton) – Captiva Press


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