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In search of another arm… by Tymber Dalton
February 9, 2009, 6:27 pm
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Actually, I’m in search of about six more arms. And an additonal twenty-four hours in every day. And a maid but we won’t go there. Because that’s approximately what I need to keep up with life right now. My husband so won’t be retired when he retires in a few years. *LOL* I tallied it up, and when “The Reluctant Dom” releases from Lyrical Press (a week from today! Squee!) I’ll have had seven releases in the space of seven weeks. In two of those weeks, two releases happened on the same week (thankfully not on the same day).

Needless to say, the promo police will probably arrest me for not performing my authorly duties properly! Yikes.

And another contract dropped into my in box this afternoon while I was out at Publix. (I’ll meander to that tangential and totally nonsensical point in a moment.) Don’t get me wrong, I’m NOT whining. Not by a long shot. I’m damn  lucky I get to do this for a living as my evil day job, as opposed to having an evil day job where I’m required to change out of my Spongebob Squarepants PJs and drive somewhere every day and work for someone else and wish I was at home writing.

I mean, yeah, I DO technically work for someone else, because I have contractual deadlines to meet and I have readers to please so my publishers (did I ever mention I love all three of them? I’m very lucky, that’s another tangential point I might not address today.) keep offering me contracts that drop into my in box while I’m at Publix ogling green olives. But it doesn’t FEEL like I’m working for someone else. I can work all day and not answer phones and talk out loud to my dogs.

I had “Cross Country Chaos” release on 2/3/09 at BookStrand. I proud of all my stories, but this one has a special meaning for me because I got the idea while on a real-life trip that in some ways inspired the cross country trip in the book. I wanted to write a book that accurately portrayed people with disabilities without a “fluff” or “pity” factor involved. (If you enjoyed the movie “Murderball,” you’ll enjoy “Cross Country Chaos.”)

“Brimstone Blues,” the sequel to my vampire romance, “Love and Brimstone,” released on Friday at Amira Press. Whoo hoo! It’s book two in a series that’s planned to go seven books, possibly longer depending on where the characters take me. I’m not sure yet. If you want a vampire series that’s not the standard “suck all night/sleep all day” fare, then please check it out. It picks up exactly where “Love and Brimstone” leave off after the events in Yellowstone National Park.

OH! I’m adding a new feature to my websites (finally!) so you can find out where I possibly am lurking (or even actively participating) on any given day. In fact, I’m going to be at the chat room tonight (9pm eastern): Please drop by and say hi!

If you’re around tomorrow night, you can stop by and say hi to me, Jenn Cole, Mina Carter, and Karen Hulene Bartell at the chat: That’s also at 9pm eastern time.

I received a couple of fantastic reviews this past week, including two today! I’m still stunned. But what’s better, I got fan mail! (I love getting fan mail!!!)

I just read your book Love Slave for Two, and I started reading it at
12am and I finished it about 5:30 am, and it was an AWESOME READ! I
couldn’t shut my computer down down for nothing. I loved it from start
to finish, even though I had to take him to have surgery this morning
on his mouth and I knew I had to get up at 8, I still wanted to read
your book. It was just a great read, I’m going to recommend it to all
my friends! Do you have anymore menage stories coming out soon? If so
let me know! Keep up the great work!

Um, WOW!!! (That came to my Tymber Dalton account.) I was speechless and giddy and totally blown away (in a good way). I mean, I’m sorry she lost sleep, but for me as a writer, there truly is NO greater complement for a reader to tell me that they had to stay up all night reading because they wanted to finish one of my books. It just really humbles me that I have the ability to carry someone that far into the fantasy that took shape in my brain, traveled through my fingers to my computer, and then into the publisher’s hands to do their voodoo magic to get it to the reader.

The book she’s talking about is “Love Slave for Two” (I’m trying to finish edits on the sequel to get it to my publisher now.) and you can find it here:

The Facebook thing is still ongoing. I managed to create a group (Goddess only knows how because I’m still a Facebook moron) so feel free to hit me up there.

I don’t understand why they don’t have simple urls. Is that too simple? Maybe.

So I don’t have a “shopping gene.” Not when it comes to…well, shopping. I hate shopping. I don’t mind grocery shopping as much when I can do it on a slow day (like this afternoon) at the little Publix around the corner from our house.

Let me back up. If you don’t have Publixes (Publixi?) in your area, you are sooooo scwoood, dude. They have THE best bakery, their meat section rocks, and their produce is always good. My grandparents and parents shopped there and I continue the tradition because (^^^ see above^^^).

So the other night, I was watching something on TV. (Actually, I wasn’t watching, I was sitting on the couch with the laptop in my lap, editing, of course.) It was either Mike Rowe or Alton Brown (or possibly both of them, who knows?) doing a thing on olives. And I got this really huge craving for green olives with pimentos.

No, I’m NOT pregnant.

No, I cannot be pregnant.

Yes, I’m sure.

Anyhoo. Once I was distracted by other things, the craving went away. So I’m standing in Publix this afternoon and passed the olive section. Drool! I ended up with a jar of green olives with pimentoes. I don’t know why I really had an urge for them. But I did.

I immediately popped that jar open as soon as I got home and slurped down a few. Salty, tangy, with the sweet aftertone…ahhhh. (Hey, at least it’s cholestrerol free, so sayeth the label.)

Yes, I know I’m wasting time and trying to avoid getting back to work rambling. I’m rambling when I should be out there updating my websites with my faboo reviews and all that, and I’m just thinking maybe it’s the eclipse today or something. I feel like I have no energy and I have the chat tonight.

Please stop by my websites, take a look at the Upcoming Events lists, stop by wherever I am and say hi (Hi!) or feel free to drop me an email. And don’t forget to check out “Out of the Darkness” (now available from Lyrical Press) and “The Reluctant Dom” (coming on Monday, 2/16 from Lyrical Press) and get your copies!


Lesli. (aka Tymber Dalton)


A Positive Note by ~ Me ~
October 25, 2008, 6:45 am
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Wow, is it Saturday already? My life has been so crazy this past week the time flew by.  The good news is that I finished up my first round of copy edits during the week. The sad news?  My computer is giving me all kinds of trouble. I know, not this again, right? I just finished losing my laptop and now the only other computer I have in the house is screwing up. Keep your fingers crossed for me that my BIL will be able to revive the laptop so I won’t have to rely anymore on the ancient relic I’m tapping this out on.



School is another thing that’s been driving me crazy. Why does Fall break somehow manage to make more work for me instead of less?  But here’s a happy development (and I could use one about now).  I got another partial request the other day!  Not the same thing as an acceptance of course, but it’s always great to see a few maybies mixed in with all the noes. We writers feed off these little tidbits of hope. 🙂


–Dara England

Capricious Quills