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Bread and Snow by Kathleen
January 12, 2009, 4:33 pm
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I spend a lot of time in my local Panera Bread. In fact when I have a project I’m working on, I spend a couple hours a day there. I get breakfast and do my writing stuff. (If I could work at home, this would be an unnecessary expense. But consider–could I get an office with friendly greetings, drinks, bathrooms, wi-fi and people to watch as they wander about, for 300 bucks a month? No.)

At the moment I’m just working out the plot of my next novel. It’s ironic, because I’m working out the plot ahead of time so I won’t get stuck at the three-quarters point, which happens if I don’t know what’s going to happen in the story. So I write a synopsis ahead of time. But now I’m three-quarters of the way through the synopsis and guess what? I’m stuck in exactly the same way. But I persevere.

Bread helps. There’s something fundamental about bread. It’s sesame semolina bread at the moment that I’m nomming on, and it’s extremely tasty. Sesame is such a subtle flavor, but it really makes the whole thing wonderful. And it’s warm, and there’s real butter, and outside it is just drenching down snow. Wet, fluffy flakes that are piling up, soaking down in a straight curtain and showing where every finger of every branch of every tree is.

So I’m sitting here stuck on my project and making silly comparisons. Writing is like bread. It’s made in several stages, with love and care, and sometimes it doesn’t quite rise properly and you get an inedible rock, but for the most part it comes out right–different every time, though. And writing’s like snow. Ideas are all around, falling in clusters and clumps, but it takes skill to pick out one snowflake and develop it properly–if you don’t do that, it’s all just a big lump of white.

I think I’d better get back to work, don’t you?

Oh, and I should mention–Part Two of Fear and Desire, a free read, is currently up on my website. If you didn’t get to Part One, hang on tight. I’m revamping the site currently, and soon Part One will be up on the site itself, instead of being backlogged at Deviant. So will all my other previous free reads. Joy!

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