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New Cover for Fan Mail by aubreyleatherwood
February 22, 2011, 8:54 pm
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OK, so I have it now.. AWESOME! It’s my cover for Fan Mail coming soon from Cobblestone Press. I find it positively yummy! And I’m so amazed at how well the couple matches my couple. Here’s what I described to the cover art people at Cobblestone:

Cover for Aubrey Leatherwood's Fan Mail
Fan Mail from Cobblestone Press

Tommy Touhy:

–“Maybe,” Tommy shrugged. It was a nonchalant movement, but his taut shoulders shrugged and his muscled played under his shirt. He’d dropped his black, Moncler Gamme Bleu three-quarters jacket on the sofa, and his long-sleeved black Marni sweater was a snug fit. Despite or maybe because of the outrageous juxtaposition of superior fashion and gritty cop, his pale coloring against the black coupled with his bright red hair and brilliant green eyes was startling and… well, erotic.–
Yes, ladies, that’s a mouthful. As for our heroine Alicia Langerud… here’s her description:
–Already, on a purely physical level, the young woman had the power to steal one’s breath. But as she flirted with the camera, every eye in the room was on her. Stylists clumped in corners nodding and whispering to each other that Alicia was pure devastation. Devastation was synonymous with beauty at Lane V Modeling Agency.

The hair already made her a standout, thick coarse waves erupting from her head and down her back like a wolf’s mane. Wild, it looked, and at fascinating odds with the poise of her sculpted but not overly full pink lips, patrician nose, and startling, startling crystal blue eyes. Where in the hell had the girl gotten true to life, honest-to-goodness blue eyes? Eyes closed, she could have been any ethnicity, black, Latin, Middle Eastern, even Asian.

Deliciously perfect, her skin matched the color of a hot latte. Creamy but with a caramel undertone. Gorgeous. Eyes open? An English rose kissed long by the sun. Magnificent.

In a room filled with stunning models, she drew undivided attention.–

Very close, lovelies!
Aubrey Leatherwood

Coming Soon from Cobblestone Press: Fan Mail by aubreyleatherwood
January 16, 2011, 6:30 pm
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So I got some news that put me over the freakin’ moon this week. First, I realize that this news is a bit late and it defies all reason that I didn’t know this sooner, but Model Lover  was the March 2010 bestseller for Cobblestone Press. Yay! Awesome. Yay!

Second spell of deliciously delightful news is that my good pals at  Cobblestone are also going to publish my follow up to Model Lover, Fan Mail. Yes, yes, yes. Alicia Langerud and Tommy Touhy who were just kids in the first story are all grown up and about to embark on a suspenseful, dark, and sensual journey in this thriller.

Here’s a peek at it:

In this follow up to Model Lover, supermodel Alicia Langerud and Detective Tommy Touhy have unfinished business. Their breakup six months ago was ugly, nasty, and fodder for gossips and speculators worldwide. Everyone wants to know what the Bad Boy did to break America’s sweetheart’s heart. Only they know the truth behind what happened that night… and one reporter who holds their livelihoods in his hands. Even worse. Alicia has started receiving disturbing messages from a stalker, a stalker hell-bent on curing her of her “heart disease.” Frightened for her life, Alicia must rely on the man who once drove her away to save her life.

Unedited Excerpt:

Her thoughts were a jumble, her body numb. She could only reach behind her and push the door closed. No one could see inside. No one could see this.

A bang at her door made Alicia jump. Though she had no memory of retrieving it or making a call on it, her cell phone clattered out of her lap onto the floor. She blinked. How long had she been sitting there? Another bang and a familiar voice called, “Alicia! Alicia, are you hurt? Alicia, if you dont answer, I’m going to break the door down!”

She wanted to tell him that it was open, but she couldn’t. Her mouth wouldn’t work, her throat wouldn’t work, her tongue seemed stuck to the roof of her mouth. But she heard the door knob jiggle and she turned to see him step inside. His key was in the knob. Apparently, they both had forgotten he still had one.

“What the h–” He went silent and dread choked the air between them.

He dropped to his knees beside her and turned her face around so that they were eye to eye. “Are you okay?”

She blinked.

He patted her cheek lightly, “Alicia, baby, are you okay?” He checked her over by gently running his hands over her skin.

She was sure she nodded.

“Did you see him?”

She murmured something unintelligible.

“The man who did this, did you see him?”

She shook her head and a shudder rippled through her body.

“Did you check through the rest of the house? Did you see if he, he–”

Her eyes watered and tears dotted her cheeks and she felt absurd. She had cried more in the past twenty-four hours than she had when shed gone through puberty. “No.”

Tommy nodded then rose. He pulled a handgun from the holster under his leather jacket then slowly, carefully made his way deeper into the apartment. Alicia watched him disappear into her kitchen. He came out again, then rounded a corner and disappeared again into her hallway. In ten minutes, he came back and dropped to her side, his eyes studying the walls. He ran a hand over his face and looked truly shaken. She hadn’t seen him drained of color and sickened this way since his mother died. Finally, he told her, “I believe he was long gone before you got home. From the looks of it, you haven’t been here yourself for a couple of days. You were in Borneo, right?”

Because the possibility that the perpetrator had still been in her apartment when she arrived had not occurred to her, the knowledge that he was gone only inspired a second bout of alarm. Her eyes widened and she began to shake.

“He’s gone, baby,” Tommy soothed her and pulled her into his embrace. “He’s gone and I’m here and you know I’ll never let anyone hurt you. You know I’ll always keep you safe.”

Alicia clutched him close, desperately. And he held her just as hard, his lips pressing to her brow and into her hair. In his arms, she did feel safe, and she did believe that he could always keep her safe.

If he wanted to.

The problem was Tommy didn’t want to.


I cannot wait for you to read this story that is as much psychological as it is sexual! Check back for a release date!


You can read Model Lover here.

Reyes-Ectomy Coming Soon by Grayson Cole
August 3, 2010, 5:48 pm
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OK. So I’ve been trying to keep this under my hat, but I am so excited I can’t stand it. After taking about ten years to get this book where I wanted it, I’ve finished Inside Out and hopefully it will be available at your local bookstore in June 2011! 

As a result, dear friends, I have made the fateful decision to go through an amputation of sorts with this new release. Yes, I am going to drop the Reyes from my name when it comes to publication. Why you ask? No, it has nothing to do any mid-life crisis, it’s just that my name is much more succinct that way, and you won’t have to check two places for me on the shelf! Tahdahhh! Nothing more to it than that.

Sooo, about Inside Out: This book was a labor of love an while the central character is definitely not me she is a part of me in many, many ways and her struggles with identity and love resonate with me, and I hope it will with you readers as well.

So here’s a bit about the book, and an UNEDITED Excerpt:

Inside: I never really fit in anywhere as a child, so I work hard for college to be different.  Out in the world, I don’t talk about my parents, or my travels, or the languages I speak. I don’t talk much at all, because it frequently leads to black people asking me why I talk “white” and white people asking where I’m from; no one believes I’m a native Southerner.

But the people I meet in grad school aren’t satisfied with knowing me on the surface. And Garrett… well he isn’t satisfied that even though I can’t help falling in love with his southern charm and overall gorgeousness, I can’t be “that girl” that ends up with a white husband.

Out: Entering his last year in law school, Garrett Atkins can’t complain about his life. At graduation, he’s guaranteed a job in a prestigious firm… and a wife. But one mix-up on campus introduces him to stubborn, snide and sexy Tracey McAlpine. She may not be what’s best for him, but God help him, she’s what he wants, and Rett has never been a man whose accepted being told he can’t have what he wants, no matter the consequences.

Unedited Excerpt:

In a vision I saw Garrett. I whispered his name.

My mother shook me, a hand on my shoulder that brought me back. I put a hand to my head. Flames were rippling over me like rapids.

“Baby, are you alright?” her voice was shaky and urgent. She was holding on to me and I was holding on to me.

“I’m fine,” I answered with a Herculean effort to smile. I patted at my face with a napkin I got from God knows where then shuddered as heat pumped through me again.

“Tracey, Good Lord, you’re burning up,” I barely heard it. The sound of her voice barely registered.

And then I saw him again, as if I summoned him. He was coming towards me. He was running towards me. I was shaking. My whole body quivered from the inside out. Hot blood rushed and I imagined I could feel it—actually feel it—surging from one place to another through my veins. From one place to another. I swallowed but the lump growing at the back of my throat only got bigger. My eyes were tightening, my vision blurring. He had me by the arm. He wasn’t saying anything. His eyes were just locked with mine. His breath was coming so fast that mine became more labored. I struggled to let the air in deep and steady but it came out sputtered and erratic. Tears were streaming from my eyes mixing with the burning haze around me. I couldn’t focus. His broad hand wrapped all the way around my upper arm and I could feel him squeezing. He was squeezing so hard that my arm was throbbing painfully making me cry even more. He wouldn’t release me, not from his grip and not from his eyes. And he still stood there silent. He didn’t even know he was hurting me.

As I get moer publication details, I’ll be certain to share them with you!

–Grayson BigBlank Cole 🙂

Coming Soon: If You Asked Me To by aubreyleatherwood
June 13, 2010, 11:37 am
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Cover for If You Asked Me To

All in for High Stakes Lust!

OK, so I’m taking a big breath and, well, now I’m releasing it. It looks as if I have just received a contract offer and I’m ecstatic! Hugely! I can barely contain myself, lol! This contract is for a romance (I don’t think it’s quite erotica) that is near and very dear to my heart… and also the scariest romantic piece I think I’ve ever done.

Why is it scary? you ask, or maybe you didn’t but I’m going to tell you anyway. It’s scary because the heroine of the story is physically impaired. Yep. She has a debilitating disease and it is not just a side note about her. Shelley’s condition is up front and center in the novella If You Asked Me To.

I started this story with the hopes of donating it to a charity anthology. The anthology’s purpose was to emphasize the fact that we all need love, to be touched, and to connect on the most primitive of levels with another human being. I ended this story figuring out that it was way, way, way too long to be a part of an anthology. First things first, I had to become engaged with Shelley, I had to be her just a little bit and let her be me just a little bit, so that a reader, any reader wouldn’t pity her, disease or not, and would relate to her instead. We’re all a bit damaged in one way or another, and intense friendships–love for characters–are born from the bond of adversity. Building that, however, takes time, and space and growth. OK, OK, so I admit it freely, I just couldn’t keep the story short :).

In paying respect to Shelley, I had to make her real, making her both strong an vulnerable, in paying respect to the romance, I had to give her a man, a gorgeous, sexy, man who was also both strong and vulnerable, and just a little flawed so that he, too ,was real. Then Ray Costas took over! Somehow, in all of this, writing a romance about a woman with a “disability” turned into writing a romance about a man trying to love a woman with a “disability”. And you know, I have to say, I like it better this way, and I’m hoping you and other readers will, too.

Ya know what else? I did mention that at it’s heart, this story is a romance, but, you guys know me, It has to be, has to be, HAS TO BE hot! Yep, there is one scene, that I literraly fantasize about at least once a week, and hell I wrote it! LOL!!! So come on, If you’d like to ge t a sample of the story, go ahead, click here:

Aubrey Leatherwood