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Happy Birthday AMP from Aubrey Leatherwood by aubreyleatherwood

Welcome to my blog!

I’m Aubrey Leatherwood and here are five things about me:

  • writer of contemporary erotic fiction and 2008 Romantic Times nominee for Best Erotic Fiction
  • favorite afternoon is a hot day in the pool with a mimosa and friends
  • a word-o-phile, but not an edit-o-phile (working on the second part there)
  • it’s possible that I was writing erotica as a virgin, lol
  • I grill and barbecue like nobody’s business. Men… don’t touch my grill!

I’d like to take a moment to tell you abou the scariest erotic piece I’ve ever written. More scary t han vampires, werewolves, demons, or bad boys you just can’t quite let go of. What could it possibly be? you ask, or maybe you didn’t but I’m going to tell you anyway. The scary business in this story is the heroine’s debilitating disease. Her physical impairment is not just a side note about her. Shelley’s condition is up front and center in the novella If You Asked Me To.

I started this story with a song in mind. I don’t usually write with songs in my head or even with music playing inthe background, but this time I used a phrase to inspire where the story went. I wanted intrigue, a caper through a string of Caribbean islands, a heroine with a dark past and trouble always on her heels, a hero who can’t help but get her out of it. That’s what I wanted. The story and the characters wanted something different. So I said to myself, I’ll write that story another time, where’s this one going.

Next phase was me writing this piece with the hopes of donating it to a charity anthology. The anthology’s purpose was to emphasize the fact that we all need love, to be touched, and to connect on the most primitive of levels with another human being. If You Asked Me To ended up way, way, way too long to be a part of an anthology. And, well it seemed like it needed to be its own animal.

First things first, I had to become engaged with Shelley, I had to be her just a little bit and let her be me just a little bit, so that a reader, any reader wouldn’t pity her, disease or not, and would relate to her instead. We’re all a bit damaged in one way or another, and intense friendships–love for characters–are born from the bond of adversity. Building that, however, takes time, and space and growth. OK, OK, so I admit it freely, I just couldn’t keep the story short :).

In paying respect to Shelley, I had to make her real, making her both strong an vulnerable, in paying respect to the romance, I had to give her a man, a gorgeous, sexy, man who was also both strong and vulnerable, and just a little flawed so that he, too ,was real. Then Ray Costas took over! Somehow, in all of this, writing a romance about a woman with a “disability” turned into writing a romance about a man trying to love a woman with a “disability”. And you know, I have to say, I like it better this way, and I’m hoping you and other readers will, too.

Ya know what else? I did mention that at it’s heart, this story is a romance, but, you guys know me, It has to be, has to be, HAS TO BE hot! Yep, there is one scene, that I literraly fantasize about at least once a week, and hell I wrote it! LOL!!! So come on, If you’d like to read the story, go ahead, click here:

Aubrey Leatherwood

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Cover for If You Asked Me To

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Next stop Melissa Aires who will seduce you with dark tales at the Del Fantasma.


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Loved this book 🙂

Comment by dominiqueeastwick

Wow , all your books look so exotic and great !! cant wait to read them !!
Happy Birthday AMP !!

Comment by Crystal Trent Dotson

Thank you, Dominique. I’m really glad you enjoyed it. Thank you, too, Crystal. Exotic. I like the sound of that.

Comment by aubreyleatherwood

Wow, sounds interesting I’ll be picking this one up today!!

Comment by Nya Rayne

Checked out your website and your books, I want to read them all!

Comment by JeanP

Love the premise you wanted for the book 🙂

Comment by DezF

Loved learning about how you wrote If You Asked Me To 🙂

Comment by Lucia

Thanks, Nya!

Comment by aubreyleatherwood

JeanP, I just hope you come back and tell me what you think of them! Hope you like them!

Comment by aubreyleatherwood

Thanks DezF and Lucia. I think the book is really unique!

Comment by aubreyleatherwood

Well now I will have to get your wonderful “IF YOU ASKED ME TO”. It sounds so emotional, and I so love hot emotional erotic romance stories. Thank you so for giving the background on how you came to write this story as now I can’t wait to read it.
Thank you for being part of the anniversary celebration and contest…*S*



Comment by pommawolfjohnson

Hi Darcy. Thank you for stopping in. Hope you enjoy!

Comment by aubreyleatherwood

Sounds like you put a lot of thought and time into this book. I am very intrigued about the one scene that you still think about!!

books4me67 at

Comment by wendydbooks

I’ll just say it’s good the hero is a contractor 🙂

Comment by aubreyleatherwood

I can’t wait to read your latest book, it sounds just great!

Comment by Kelly

I really hope you enjoy it, Kelly!

Comment by aubreyleatherwood

Hi Aubrey, you books look HOT…Happy Anniversary to the authors and AMP. I too hate rewrites :(…
Continued blessings

Vanessa A Johnson, Red Rose Publishing Author
Uncommon Bond (2011)
Sacrifices In the Name of Love (2010)

Comment by Vanessa A Johnson

I’m glad you stopped in Vanessa. They are such a necessary evil. I’ve been reading a lot of online news at reputable sites these days and have noticed typos. I know they rush to get us the news as soon as it happens, but if there’s one thing that brings me gladly back to the editing table, it’s knowing that someone could be reading me like I read those articles and shaking their head. You can’t go back and explain, yes I care, yes I know my grammar, you have to do it before the book hits the stands.

Comment by aubreyleatherwood

Wow, this sounds like an amazing story, Aubrey–I’m adding it to my TBB! Thanks for sharing about it and for celebrating AMP’s anniversary!

f dot chen at comcast dot net

Comment by Fedora

Hi Fedora! Thank you for adding it!

Comment by aubreyleatherwood

If You Asked Me To sounds very ingriguing! Can’t wait to read it!

susanmik AT gmail DOT com

Comment by Susan Romito

Well, that scene must be hot if you’re still fantasizing about it on a weekly basis. Powerful writing will do that to you, LOL

Comment by Valerie Mann

Sounds like a moving story. Writing erotica while a virgin, Lol. Great release for fantasies.

Comment by Michelle

I loved the back story on If You Asked Me To. Thanks Aubrey! And now I am very intrigued by the main story! I’ve added it to my TBB list for this week’s book money! 😉

thewildtwo [@] sbcglobal [dot] net

Comment by voraciousreader

I am so going to check out the story!
marajbrandon at earthlink DOT net

Comment by Mara

Can’t wait for you *to* read it!

Comment by aubreyleatherwood

You are so right, Valerie. Perhaps, I wouldn’t fantasize about it if someone would just cooperate in doing it, lol

Comment by aubreyleatherwood

Hi Michelle, I’m so serious. I guess I could have been described as… uh… precocious

Comment by aubreyleatherwood

Thank you so much, you’ll have to tell me what you think about it.

Comment by aubreyleatherwood

Please do!

Comment by aubreyleatherwood

Oh, wonderful story!

Robin D
robindpdx (at) yahoo (dot) com

Comment by Robin D

Thanks, Robin!

Comment by aubreyleatherwood

I write about musical characters so the song idea sound right up my alley

Comment by Zanna G. Dobbs

wow~ not only are your covers unbelievably hot, the book sounds GREAT! Happy Birthday to AMP!

Comment by Christi McMillen

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