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New Cover for Fan Mail by aubreyleatherwood
February 22, 2011, 8:54 pm
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OK, so I have it now.. AWESOME! It’s my cover for Fan Mail coming soon from Cobblestone Press. I find it positively yummy! And I’m so amazed at how well the couple matches my couple. Here’s what I described to the cover art people at Cobblestone:

Cover for Aubrey Leatherwood's Fan Mail
Fan Mail from Cobblestone Press

Tommy Touhy:

–“Maybe,” Tommy shrugged. It was a nonchalant movement, but his taut shoulders shrugged and his muscled played under his shirt. He’d dropped his black, Moncler Gamme Bleu three-quarters jacket on the sofa, and his long-sleeved black Marni sweater was a snug fit. Despite or maybe because of the outrageous juxtaposition of superior fashion and gritty cop, his pale coloring against the black coupled with his bright red hair and brilliant green eyes was startling and… well, erotic.–
Yes, ladies, that’s a mouthful. As for our heroine Alicia Langerud… here’s her description:
–Already, on a purely physical level, the young woman had the power to steal one’s breath. But as she flirted with the camera, every eye in the room was on her. Stylists clumped in corners nodding and whispering to each other that Alicia was pure devastation. Devastation was synonymous with beauty at Lane V Modeling Agency.

The hair already made her a standout, thick coarse waves erupting from her head and down her back like a wolf’s mane. Wild, it looked, and at fascinating odds with the poise of her sculpted but not overly full pink lips, patrician nose, and startling, startling crystal blue eyes. Where in the hell had the girl gotten true to life, honest-to-goodness blue eyes? Eyes closed, she could have been any ethnicity, black, Latin, Middle Eastern, even Asian.

Deliciously perfect, her skin matched the color of a hot latte. Creamy but with a caramel undertone. Gorgeous. Eyes open? An English rose kissed long by the sun. Magnificent.

In a room filled with stunning models, she drew undivided attention.–

Very close, lovelies!
Aubrey Leatherwood

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