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I’ve Been Busy by Christa Maurice
February 7, 2010, 5:08 pm
Filed under: fiction, publishing, romance, writing

Let’s see:

New contract – check

Wild Rose will be publishing my short Traveling Violations. I’m in the middle of editing right now. Maggie is trying to get home from a year spent as a preschool teacher in Korea when she’s stopped in Secondary Inspection by Customs. Trapped there for three hours, her only saving grace is Jake. Jake has hung around because he likes her, or does he really think she’s a drug mule?

Request for full – check

Freya’s Bower sent a request for the full manuscript of the prequel to The Rock Star’s Retreat. Bear D’Amato, the drummer for Touchstone, has to go on tour soon and he’s not looking forward to it. One of the guys in the band just broke up with his supermodel girlfriend and he’s taking it suspiciously hard. Another is divorcing his wife because he caught her cheating on him. A third is caught in a bad marriage that looks good on the outside, but it rotten on the inside. When elementary school teacher Maureen rolls into his brother’s garage with squeaky brakes, he seizes the chance to take a vacation from his life. But Maureen isn’t a vacation, she’s a lifestyle and he’s got to admit that he’s been hiding a few things from her.

Print contract – check

Lyrical Press will be publishing Spark Of Desire in print format in May. Info and excerpt here.

Dream Job Search – check

I applied to work in Abu Dhabi public schools. Yeah, Abu Dhabi on the Arabian Peninsula. I’ve already passed the initial screening and now have to go to Atlanta for an in-person interview. This is a dream job. Excellent pay, excellent benefits, challenging work, great weather. I could take a long weekend and visit the Pyramids from there.

Latest WIP finished – no check

I’m writing a novella follow up to the follow up to Rock Star (making it the 4th title in what was not supposed to be a series <cough>.) I’m most of the way through it, but not quite finished. I’ve been busy.


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I think we can let the WIP thing slide. Way to go on all the fabulous news. Good luck on the interview. Everything about that sounds like a dream job for me too… except for the teaching. The idea of it makes me shudder. I’m just not built for it. Which is why I’m thankful that there are people like you in the world!

Comment by aubreyleatherwood

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