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Model Parent – My New WIP(s) by aubreyleatherwood
January 13, 2010, 9:20 am
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Hey Amusees,

Grayson posted from her newest WIP and I figured I’d post a double dose of two new WIPs which are related!

The first is Model Parent (working title):

Confirmed bachelorette, Pamela Lane, is not interested in a husband and kids. She’s already got more than she can handle taking care of the models contracted with Lane V Modeling Agency, as well as some of their overreaching parents. When she finds a new model destined for greatness, of course she expects the minor to come with an over-protective father, but who knew he would look so good?

Unedited Excerpt:

“Let me see her sheet.”

As she reached for the clipboard clutched to her partner’s chest, Valeria smacked her on the back of the hand. “Her name is Alicia. That’s all you need to know.”

When Pam told her team to help control her workaholism, they’d gone a little too far. “You know this is having a reverse affect on my stress-level.”

Valeria only smiled.

Pam sorely wanted to say something about Valeria’s cat-that-ate-the-canary smile, but she felt her cell phone vibrate in her pocket. She took it out and looked down at the screen.

That was not a sigh. That was not a sigh. That was not a—

“Did you just sigh?” Valeria arched an eyebrow at her over an even wider than normal smile. “Awww…”

“I hate you,” Pam mouthed as she made her way away from the shoot and toward her office.

“Hi!” her voice was light, airy, teenager-y. New. Even when she had a crush on someone as a kid, she hadn’t sounded like that.

“Hello, beautiful,” a deep slow rumble caressed her from the other end.

She let her eyes roll closed for just a second. Maybe it made sense that she melted when she was with him. Yes, that made sense. But his ability to reduce her to warm pudding with only a voice disturbed her more than a little bit.

“What’s going on?” She asked hoping she sounded cool and not at all breathy.

He hesitated. “Not much. Just wanted to hear your voice.”

Sinking into a chair in her office, Pam covered her eyes with her palm letting herself be consumed by the moment. “I’m glad you called.”

“I missed you.”

Pam wasn’t going to be able to take much more of this. Did anyone in the world know how sweet he was? Anyone? Did anyone know that he wasn’t an enigma at all, rather an open book? Heart on his sleeve.

“I missed you, too,” she murmured back before adding, “Even if I did just talk to you last night.”

“But you didn’t see me.” He sounded steady, manly, not at all pouty. Okay, maybe a little bit pouty.

“Don’t pout. Did you forget a little thing called Fashion Week? We’ve been swamped since it concluded. And we had to get work completed ahead of open call today.”

“Then after you should have spent the night with me.”

The second is Fan Mail picking up where Model Parent left off

Bad boy , Tommy Touhy, is out for blood when he catches a perp who’s been stalking Alicia Langerud. Luckily for the stalker, Tommy’s pulled off of him before he can do any lasting damage. But Tommy is unsettled. Alicia is a beautiful, gentle woman who deserves protection. She’s also one hundred percent under his skin, has been since they were kids. Can Tommy resist when she attempts to thank him for saving her life?

Unedited Excerpt

Tommy’s biceps twitched violently, aching. His jaw hurt and shook as his teeth ground together from strain. Something hard, small, and cylindrical bored into his back. It felt like a beer bottle and while it hurt like hell, Tommy wanted it to stay whole. He prayed it didn’t burst beneath him. He growled at the thought.

Blood, sweat, and saliva dripped onto his face. Desperately, he thought he felt the bottle contracting, a subtle squeeze before it popped. In his mind eye, he saw a pair soft blue eyes, wide with terror. His anger redoubled and so did his strength. Tommy drew in two deep and quick breaths. Then with everything he had left, he pushed up, hard, while swinging his left leg. The guy outsized him by at least twenty-five pounds, but Tommy managed to reverse their positions with the maneuver. He slammed the man’s wrist against the floor so his knife clattered to the ground. But the asshole wasn’t done fighting.

A heaving breath and a sickening attempt at a smile came before he rasped, “You don’t think I know you. I know who you are.”

Tommy drew back his fist and punched the guy as hard as he could. The man was going to have a broken nose.

Blood flowing freely now, not just from the corner of his mouth, but a fountain from his nose, the man tried to laugh. “She will be mine. Mine forever. Not yours anymore. She—“

He struggled to get up, but Tommy was stronger and he was really, really pissed. Another hard and fast jab. Now, the bastard was going to have to have his teeth removed from the inside of his cheeks.

Though the talking stopped, the rebellion remained, and Tommy wasn’t satisfied. A third blow sent the man into the oblivion of unconsciousness, but Tommy’s anger wasn’t appeased. He saw those blue eyes in his mind again, heard her voice as it wavered telling him “Tommy, I’m so scared.”

The wicked looking knife glimmered for him. He reached for it but jerked his hand away when the backup he hadn’t waited for, arrived. But an angry haze still blurred his vision, and his heart still pounded. His skin itched and burned like he was being attacked by tiny flames. His fist connected again anyway. And again. And again, until two officers dragged him off the guy.

Like a raging bull, Tommy stumbled around, loping in circles and breathing hard, his fists clenched. He needed to get a hold of himself. He really did. But some things, some things were unforgivable. What this man had done, could not be forgiven, and Tommy was damn near certain he could have killed him.

Finally, when he could breathe again, the paramedics demanded to check him over. A couple cuts and bruises, nothing to write home about. But, when he looked down and realized there was blood caked into his Christian Audigier t-shirt and dripped onto his Superdry pants and Diesel shoes, he wasn’t near anything. He wanted beat the bastard until he pissed himself all over again.

Aubrey Leatherwood


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