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I’m Sure Halle Berry Smells Fine, But… by Grayson Cole
December 13, 2009, 9:39 am
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I don’t want to smell lik her.

Here lately television has been awash with ads for cologne submitted by superstars. Halle. Usher. Britney. JLo. I love my scents, I do, but–yes, I know they have specialists who design the scents for them, in fact Coty is behind Berry’s recent foray into the market–I am not thrilled with the idea of smelling like anyone else but me. At least Britney didn’t name the scent after herself, but I cannot forgive her for being shot in the back with a plunger in the commercial advertising it. I bet Miley Ray Cyrus has one (though I refuse to check) and I imagine it smells like trailer and diamond pavé. Anyhow, my completely silly point is that I am turned off by celebrity scents.

So what?

OK, here goes. I celebrate Christmas. It’s a great time of the year for me to show people love. I’ll also share that I enjoy gift giving more than gift receiving. Most people who say this–you may know already–are liars. Me? I mean it.

And for selfish reasons, I admit. As a picky person by nature and a person who already has a lot of… stuff–(side note: I’m not dirty or a clutterbug so despite the fact that I have a lot of stuff… It’s all either put away or displayed as is requisite!)–I am more happy to get a sentiment than an object I don’t like. Does that make me selfish? Maybe. Or does it make me extra deep?

HA! An explanation is forthcoming! Don’t you find it uncomfortable to get something you don’t like? Further… don’t you wonder about people who give you a present that has absolutely nothing to do with your personal style, belief, or the way you choose to express yourself? It’s like giving a Christmas tree to someone at work with a photo of a menorah in their cube. ya know? Or maybe it would be like giving me Halle perfume for Christmas?

When I give a gift, I work very hard to figure out what I know about the recipient, what they like, what they don’t, what memories delight them. I love that expression that says, “You listen to me and you think I’m special.” I guess that’s what it really means: the thought that counts. Thinking about your loved one, knowing them, loving them, that’s what counts.

Merry Christmas,



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