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My Major Goals (writing and other) by Christa Maurice
December 4, 2009, 2:45 pm
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First and foremost, my goal is to write a damn good story, every time. I will fiddle with plotting, wording, punctuation and spelling to get just what I’m looking for. This does not happen the first time out, though for me, by the time I write it down, it’s 85% there. My stories simmer for a long time on the back burner of my mind before I let them out. The characters are fully fleshed out people in an environment that is as real to me as my own house. (In the case of Three Alarm Tenant, it was my house.) Then comes the arduous editing process and that baby doesn’t leave my hands until it is as perfect as I can make it.

As for my career goals, it’s funny, but I was just talking about this with a friend the other day. I’m currently only epubbed. I have a series with Lyrical and I’m hoping to have a series with Freya’s Bower. Plus the single title with Liquid Silver. I like being an eauthor and plan to continue.

I also plan to get an agent and break into New York. I have 2 projects at the nearly perfect stage that I will be sending around after the new year. I’d also like to write for Harlequin. For me, writing romance and never having a book published by Harlequin would be like visiting Liverpool and not going to the Cavern Club.

And lastly, I have a fanciful goal. I love series. As a reader, I love being able to drop into a familiar world and see what everybody is up to. On a podcast I heard, an author mentioned that she’d written 38 books about this one particular pair of families and I thought, “I want to do that. I want to write a series that has 38 books in it.” So there’s my fanciful goal, write a series with at least 38 books in it.

In around that, I plan to get my Masters, travel a lot, mentor a lot of writers, teach some writing, teach some English and meet Paul McCartney.

Reach for the stars, right?

What about you?



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These are awesome goals Charlotte. I’ve been doing like you have and posting my goals on my blog and website for everyone to see. It adds some pressure but also gets me a lot of support to make sure I reach my goals. For me, my short term goal is to finish my current work in progress by next spring and then start shopping it around.
Good Luck!

Comment by Kristine Cayne

Writing down your goals certainly does make them more real.

Comment by Charlotte McClain

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