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Picking a Publisher: Why I did what I did. by Christa Maurice
November 13, 2009, 4:10 am
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When you’re writing you fall under the spell of ‘Gee I hope some publisher will pick up my book.’ It’s very easy to fall into the trap of giving the publishers all the power and wasting a lot of time. There are a lot of publishers out there and you need to do your research. I do not – DO NOT – advise anyone to go with any publisher lightly or blindly. Ideally, you want to find a publisher you can build a relationship with. Don’t go with the biggest just because they are the biggest and don’t go to the smallest just because you don’t think you can get into the biggest. You wouldn’t buy a pair of jeans without making sure they were the right size and you shouldn’t pick a publisher that way either. To that end, I’m going to explain why I went with the publishers I have.

One Ring To Rule. I’ll admit that I didn’t research Lyrical before subbing to them. I made a comment to the publisher on a forum and felt obligated. However, everyone is entitled to a lucky break. One Ring is short so I never expected to get it published anyway. Lyrical has been amazing. The royalty statements are on time. The payments show up right when they say they will. Concerns are addressed immediately. They do a lot of promo work setting up events and sending out review copies. Communication is always open. It is a very small house so the sales maybe aren’t what they would be elsewhere, but they are already thinking like a big house, so over time I expect them to grow.

Three Alarm Tenant. I thought long and hard about this one. It’s my baby and it had some credentials. It also came with baggage as it turned into a series with a book and a half finished beyond the first one. I could have gone with a traditional publisher which would have taken probably close to 2 years before the book was out and they may not have taken the other books. I could have gone to another epub which would have taken over a year and may not have taken the other books. Or I could go with Lyrical who would gladly take the other books. In the end, I went to Lyrical because I knew I would have their promo engine behind me and because I already had a relationship with them.

Spark Of Desire. The second Arden FD book automatically went to Lyrical. Plus, I was ordered by Emma to sub something else because she liked Three Alarm Tenant so much. When the Editor in Chief demands, the writer fulfills. Had this been an unconnected title I probably still would have taken it to Lyrical because it is the same type of sweet romance as the other two giving me a catalog in one place. I know the cover will be beautiful and the review copies will be sent out promptly without my having to do the legwork.

The Rock Star’s Retreat presented a slightly different problem. I wrote it to practice writing sex scenes so it didn’t fit in perfectly with the other books. I created a short list of larger epubs based on what they put out and how big they were. From there I went with my gut. Freya’s Bower appealed most of that list based on their size, track record, other authors I knew who had worked with them and their other titles. They snapped up Rock Star in record time. I had a bit of seller’s remorse, but I think that’s normal and I’m still happy with the decision.

Trio I subbed based on a call for submissions from Liquid Silver. A call for submissions means the publisher has targeted an audience and needs titles to sell to it. I had a title on my harddrive that fit which I wrote simply because I wanted to know if I could get three people into a relationship with a happy ending. Liquid Silver is also very author centered. (They sent me an email on my birthday wishing me a happy one.) I know several authors who are happy with them.

As odd as it may sound to someone who wants to be published and isn’t yet, you pick them as much as they pick you. Do not start subbing with the attitude of “please somebody publish me!” You must think about where your book is going to do best. It goes way beyond what the submission guidelines say they will accept. If a house claims to take sweet romance, but mostly publishes horror, they aren’t going to have the audience for the same reason vegans don’t eat at Outback Steak House. Choose wisely.



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That was very cool to read, Charlotte.

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