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Celebrating All Hallow’s Eve with an Excerpt by Grayson Cole
October 31, 2009, 12:09 pm
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Hey, Hey AAs!

To celebrate Halloween, I figured I’d post a spooky excerpt or two. This from my upcoming short story The Fascination: Swallow and Nightingale. It’s a tale of obsession, violence and obsession, and the failure of protection.

The beautiful Philomela likes to lie in her bed on Sunday nights with her knees bent up and listen to jazz while she reads art books without her glasses on. She holds the books very close to her face and smiles even with her silver eyes. Sometimes she even sings like a lost nightingale. Her hair is thick and springy, luxurious. She has narrow hips. Her arms and legs are long and lean. When she stretches one out and points her toes like a ballerina, he is filled with questions. She leaves the windows wide open, and though the screen is in tact, Terrence can smell her on the night air as he watches.

If the screen was not there, he could stretch out his hand and wrap a sorrel lock in his fist. He could pull her through. He could put a hand over her mouth to stop her from screaming. He could wait until she stilled and looked at him. He could see the recognition in her eyes and watch a smile part her soft, rosy lips. He could hold her to him so close that he would leave himself, dig into her, and coil inside her chest, beneath her ribcage surrounding her heart and expelling the poison inside of her. But, he could not. Could only return home and watch Pro as she slept and wonder if he could take that which coiled within her and sever its ties to her. He would keep it for himself, himself and Philomela. 




Grayson Reyes-Cole


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