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Do You Know What a Dime Is? by aubreyleatherwood
October 24, 2009, 4:21 pm
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I love asking this question! When I asked a little while ago I got the most creative and amusing answers. Here are some examples:

1) What you use in a payphone (uhhh, not anymore folks 🙂
2) What you drop when you rat someone out to police
3) A bag (don’t say it)

However, in my upcoming Phaze release, a Dime is a woman. A gorgeous, preening thing in the commercial hip hop world whose sole goal is to look her best so she has every man looking, wanting, lusting… and willing to pay. It comes from the value of the coin, 10. A Dime is a 10.

Nicole, however considers herself as far away from a dime as one woman can get. She  is fed up with what much of commercial hip hop chooses to glorify about women.Too many times she hears the cycle in song: girl looks good, girl has great sex, girl demands money. Nicole is not tuning in anymore. She’s going to her nine to five and behaving herself determined to represent a woman who is attractive… but smart, who likes a nice shoe… but won’t shell out the mortgage on a pair.

Still, getting away from a dirty beat proves difficult for a girl born with music in her blood, and after a lark in her brother’s studio, Nicole finds heself embedded deep in the rap game. Before she knows it, she’s being billed as a body, a face, and she’s got one sexy producer ready to make dreams she didn’t know she had come true.

Now, what’s a Dime to do about that?

Check it out. This Dime drops on Novemeber 2, 2009 at .

Aubrey Leatherwood



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Sounds like an interesting story.

Comment by Charlotte McClain

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