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*Inhale!* Ahhh…. Fall has…fell! by Tymber Dalton
October 1, 2009, 12:57 am
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Here in Florida, we do actually have seasons. Not drastically different ones, which is why so many people move down here from the north every winter. The past two days, we’ve had a “cool front,” which this time of year means the humidity has dropped from the 90% range down to 60-70%. The temps are a little lower, but that’s relative.

It. Feels. GREAT!

I am an A/C kind of girl — as in, my A/C runs 24/7/365. But the past two days I’ve been able to turn it off and open my windows.


This only happens a few days a year for me, seriously. Because there has to be a perfect combination of low humidity, great temperature, and no wind blowing through my windows for me to do this.

I hope the guys painting the house under construction across the street enjoy Red Hot Chili Peppers, because I was blasting the Californication album at high decibles today. *LOL*

Coming March 2009!

Halloween is this month, or Samhain depending on your preference. So I thought I’d toss out one of my books to commemorate the occasion – “Out of the Darkness,” a romantic paranormal thriller set in Florida. An evil haunted, house, a dark spirit, and a Labrador Retriever. What more could you want? *LOL*

You can get it from Lyrical Press at:

The video book trailer is here:


Ancient evil forces a woman to fight for her life – and true love.

Man may forget horrors, but the land remembers. Built on a cursed patch of ground, George Simpson’s house of evil has ruined many lives over its hundred-year existence.

Author Steve Corey rents the place as an early anniversary surprise for his wife, hoping it might repair the deep rift his alcoholism has created in their marriage.

Before they moved to the Simpson house, Samantha Corey thought getting Steve sober was the hard part. But the house’s dark nature has turned her thoughts to Matt Barry, Steve’s best friend and agent…and her old love. Can they overcome the ancient evil threatening them all from OUT OF THE DARKNESS?

Warning: Love, sex, violence, and a Labrador retriever who’s no Lassie.


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I am in love A/C I make no apologies 🙂 Windows go un in Jan/Dec, that’s about it.

Comment by grayson.reyescole

I can’t stand air con! I went through a summer working at Cedar Point when it was incredibly hot and the air con in the office was set at subzero. Every time I walked in, I got dizzy from the pressure change. Ever since I have hated air con. Enjoy your open windows.

So, any of those construction workers cute?

Comment by Charlotte McClain

Grayson – Me too! *LOL*

Charlotte – A/C is a necessity for comfortable living in Florida. *LOL*

Comment by Lesli Richardson

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