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Cover Art by ~ Me ~
September 4, 2009, 2:38 am
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So I’m doing my own cover art for an upcoming release called The Wishing Fountain. While I’m at it, I’ve been playing around with some sample covers.  Here’s what I came up with today.

TWF_Cover_Medium[1]. The Summoning_Cover

All or Nothing_Cover

woman's face










Posted by Dara England


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Hi Dara – I have sent your information to my friend Hazel Statham who lives in England and writes Regency and historical romance. You can google her to see her work. She will be in New York next week and I will meet her on Saturday Sept. 12. She will be published by Avalon from now on.

Comment by Jeannine Pellerin

Very nice Dara. I don’t need any but I’ll keep you in mind if I do.

Comment by Sandy Sullivan

I’m the owner of AG Press, publishing company, i will keep you in mind. I’m always looking for new talent.

Comment by Cheryl Pillsbury

Very nice work!

Comment by Andrea M. Kulman

Gorgeous covers! I’ll keep you in mind if Breathless Press is ever looking.

Comment by Honoria Ravena

Wow, thanks ladies! I appreciate that.


Comment by Dara England

Amazing work….. I have posted you to my facebook account… Very nice and I hope this helps get you noticed… You are really great.

Comment by Patricia

Thanks very much Patricia!


Comment by dara11

Very Nice. Ever consider doing web design too.

Comment by Rayna

Hi Rayna,
I’m afraid I’m not techincal minded enough for web design. I’m no good at all those codes and things. LOL

Comment by dara11

Thanks for this info. If we get published with a big name press, can we choose who does our cover or will they make that decision?

Comment by sherpeace

Hi sherpeace, I believe New York publishers generally make the decisions on cover art. Smaller presses tend to be more flexible but most of them also have in-house artists.

Comment by dara11

Hi Dara.

I love your cover art. Good luck with it all.


[Author Brittany Kingston]

Comment by Heather Williams

I would like to speak with you regarding the pricing of your book. Please call me at 443-968-2147 or email me your specs at 443-968-2147. I work with many authors (especially on Facebook) and I can give you discount pricing. My name is Anita Shari Peterson and I am also webmaster of which will have a re-grand opening in January 2010

Comment by Anita Shari Peterson


Comment by Lesli Richardson

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