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Summer’s Last Gasp by Christa Maurice
August 22, 2009, 3:29 pm
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I’m a little late posting this week. I have a really good excuse. Yesterday was the last weekday to go to Hubby’s and my favorite one tank trip, Geneva-On-The-Lake (Erie that is.) We hoped to get there lateish to see the lights come on and thanks to the massive traffic jam on I-90, we did.
There’s usually a short walk from the car to our first destination. Trust me we need it.

A mouth watering sight. Eddie’s is an old fashioned burger place. It’s got all the charm of the Al’s from Happy Days without the Hollywood set appeal. The floors are concrete, the tables are Formica, the tables are hard and hard to get. Every table along the wall has one of those old jukebox things on it. They stopped updating sometime in the early 80’s. I think the most recent song is Hall & Oates “Sarah Smile.” Because it’s Cleveland, there’s polka in there too.
Does this explain the need for the walk?
After we eat, we usually walk down to the park… and look at the sunset over the lake.

Then there’s Simpson’s pinball. Hubby can spin a game out for quite a while. Once he had four free games because he kept scoring so high. They also have an Indiana Jones game. He’s played that a little too, but we like the Simpson’s game better.

After pinball, we grab a couple of the best donuts in the universe. After I had snarfed down mine it occurred to me that I should have taken a picture. Trust me, there are no better donuts anywhere. It’s worth the 90 minute drive just for them. Lucky for us, Eddie’s is there too.

Sigh. It’s gonna be a whole year before I get back there.



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Looks like heaven, especially the donuts 😉 I’ll meet you there next year!

Comment by Trisha

Bring quarters

Comment by Charlotte McClain

Awesome post, Charlotte.

Comment by grayson.reyescole

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