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Favorite things about being an author by Christa Maurice
August 14, 2009, 4:30 pm
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Lyrical is doing an End of Summer Extravaganza. As part of this, they sent me a getting to know you survey with admonitions to keep to short. PPPPFFFTTT! With those questions?

The one that really popped out for me was: “What is your favorite thing about being an author?”

I lied, several questions popped out at me, but that’s the only one I can deal with right now.

What is your favorite part about being an author? And I need to answer this question briefly? Please.

I love when my characters take over and run with the story. Yesterday I spilled out over 7000 words. The characters knew all their lines, even the secondaries and they’re already doing things that surprise me. I’m up over 1330 for this morning already and the next several scenes are just waiting for my fingers to hit the keyboard.

I love coming up with a good line. When an analogy works, it’s magic. In Rock Star, Jason was sitting in a church at an old fashioned jam and Cass came to tell him she was going home early. As she walked up the aisle, he imagined that she was coming to marry him at a shot gun wedding. That whole scene just worked.

I love making in jokes for myself. The title of One Ring To Rule is pretty obvious as a joke, but unless you’ve met Dan Adkins, Frank Thorne or John Workman (and I’m pretty sure you haven’t) then a lot of the character Frank is lost on you.

I love being able to prune subplots when the plot gets out of control. When life gets out of control, baby you are screwed. When the plot goes, you just nip and tuck.

I love being able to say the perfect zinger. You know how you always think of what you should have said way too late? In a manuscript you can just go back in and add it.

I love going back to something I wrote and thinking “oh yeah that works.” When I had to pick an excerpt recently for The Rock Star’s Retreat, I was reading through it (uncritically for once) and I forgot how hot/emotional/exciting/sweet that book was.

That’s what I can think of off the top of my head. What about you? What’s your favorite part about writing or about reading?


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For me, writing is an outlet. It relaxes me and gives me something to channel my creativity into.

Comment by Michael

I love that you get to be more than just you.

It sounds silly, but writing really allows you to be more than just one person. You’re old, young, male, female, rich, poor, American, British, French, tall, short, a carpenter, knight, seamstress – whatever.

All at once.

Comment by Flicka Holt

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