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Not quite dead…yet… by Tymber Dalton

I’m not dead, I swear. Yes, I’ve been swamped, between family and professional priorities and obligations, and unfortunately my blogging ended up shoved to the back of the Fibber McGee closet that is my life.

Tomorrow, I’m happy to announce, Hell’s Bells, book 2 in my Good Will Ghost Hunting series, is being released by Lyrical Press. Woot! I’m tickled to death, needless to say!

This comes on the heels of awesome sales of the first book, Demon Seed, as well as great sales for my two Tymber Dalton Lyrical Press books, The Reluctant Dom and Domme by Default.

I’m also starting a writing how-to series of tips on my main blog, Tales from the Snark Side, starting tomorrow. Feel free to pop by and give it a peek if you have time.

I’ve got a bunch of irons in the fire right now, including the third Good Will Ghost Hunting book, the third in the Triple Trouble shapeshifter series, the prequel to Love Slave for Two AND book 3 in that series, the “sequel” to The Reluctant Dom and Domme by Default, the second in the Deep Space Mission Corps series, and a couple of scorching hot WIPs as well as the third in my Brimstone vampire series. Woot! It’s good ta be busy! No complaints here.

(Lesli Richardson, who also writes really dirty stories as Tymber Dalton, is a bestselling author in multiple genres and can be found at and when she’s not dodging hurricanes or her mother’s worried phone calls that she’s afraid her writing will warp her brain….Sorry Mom, too late.)

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your MOM also reads your blogs…soooooooooooooo!Luv you..MOM

Comment by Cathy G

Guess that means I have to behave myself now, huh? *G*

Luv you too, Mom. *G*

Comment by Lesli Richardson

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