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Work, work, work by Christa Maurice
July 17, 2009, 8:16 am
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I have been writing my little fingers to nubbins lately. Part of it I can lay at the feet of inspiration and part at fact that I lost my internet connection for a couple of days. Amazing what that will do for productivity. But in the last couple of days I’ve added about 20K to Bear and Maureen’s story. I’ve also discovered what Maureen’s real issue is. In Rock Star, Jason’s issue popped out of his mouth and everyone (including me and the fine folks who critiqued it for me) said “WHAT!” This one is not that kind of revealation. She hasn’t even shared it with Bear yet. I’m not even sure she knows herself, but it’s going to shape the rest of the book.

The roll, I fear, came to a screaming halt. Screaming because something showed up in my email that had me screaming. A few months ago I started off on this Rock Star jag. I really wanted to write another book with those guys. They’re just so darn darling. But to write those books I really needed to do more research so I started devouring every rock bio I could get my hands on. When I learned that Lorelei Shellist had written a book titled Runway RunAway about her life including her engagement to Steve Clark of Def Leppard, I had to have it. I bought it. I loved it. I blogged about it. I intended to send her an email telling her how wonderful I thought her book was, but never got around to it.

She beat me to it. Yesterday, I got a comment on my blog post from Lorelei. Eeeeee!

So I’m taking a well deserved break from writing to giggle hysterically and stare at my comment. Then I’ll probably have to bump her book up to the top of my reading list. I’d intended to read it again soon anyway so I guess it’ll be sooner.

~ Charlotte


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