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Man, I love/hate it when that happens by Christa Maurice
July 10, 2009, 7:06 am
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You know, I would really like to be in charge some where. Just one time I would like to be the boss. But no, not even in my own imaginary worlds.

I’m working on the prequel to The Rock Star’s Retreat. Rock Star wasn’t meant to be a series, it just happened that way. Last night I was writing away gangbusters through Bear’s argument with his brother and his brother threw him out of the house. Didn’t expect that, but I could work with it. Tony has a right to be upset. He did tell Bear to stay away from Maureen and he didn’t. Bear went to a hotel for the night and turned up at Maureen’s the next morning in a mood.

Maureen is pretty capable of dealing with Bear’s mood. The whole relationship is pretty new, but she’s got good instincts. She tells Bear that he needs to give his brother time to cool off and that she’ll talk to him and see if she can straighten everything out.

What does Bear do?

He proposes.

What does Maureen do?

She accepts.

Honestly. What is wrong with these people? They’ve only known each other for a week and Bear is going back home and then off on tour. They aren’t going to be together much for the next nine months. Is this a good time to get engaged? Hell no, but does anybody listen to me?

I don’t even get any respect in my own imagination.

~ Charlotte


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