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Creationism… er… Not Really by Grayson Cole
June 28, 2009, 2:57 pm
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DSCN0040This is a sideways picture of a typewriter that is more than 100 years old. Simple enough description, I guess. But I have to share that when I found it sitting outside on desk on an agave farm in Cozumel, I lightly placed a hand over my heart and my mouth fell open.

God love my friends. They didn’t share my reaction, but they were patient as I studied it, touched it, placed my fingers gently on the home row keys, folded rusty little hammers back to their starting positions. I was in awe and I wanted it, and all out revered it!

Now, in truth, this typewriter may have never been used for creating sweeping, heart-wrenching novels about the human condition. It may have never spelled words that equalled up to love, jealousy, fear, pride, or any of those things. But even if it was only used to conjure up invoices for Tequila or Mezclan, it was used to create. Something that was not before, was after.

The typewriter was not for sale. Apparently, even if my friends did not share my appraisal of its value, the residents of the farm did. I even tried to insist that they didn’t want it because it was on a desk outside. They explained that the desk was not outside, it was just inside and when it rained or when night came an overhead door, just as ancient, was drawn down to protect the room and its contents. They said that that’s where the typewriter had always been, where it was used. Who could argue with that?

I left without it, but I have it’s picture. We all know that means I’ve stolen a little but of its soul.

Grayson Reyes-Cole
Author of Bright Star
and The Builder


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I love finding things like that. In one of the museums in Seoul they had a display on written Hangul. Until the 14th century, Korea had no written language, they used Chinese. If a Korean wanted to express a thought in writing, they had to do it in a second language. In the 14th century the Korean king decided that was a crock and assembled a group of scholars to invent an alphabet for Korean. As far as I know, it’s the only written language invented by royal decree.

Comment by Charlotte McClain

I never knew that. Awesome factoid! Now it’s added to the random cool things I blurt out an inappropriate times.! 🙂


Comment by Grayson

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