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Spotlight on ‘Russian Roulette’ by Austin S. Camacho by ~ Me ~
June 27, 2009, 4:18 pm
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russian roulette coverWashington D.C.’s professional troubleshooter, Hannibal Jones, is forced to take a case at gunpoint. Ivanovich, a Russian assassin, will kill Hannibal’s woman if Hannibal refuses to investigate Gana, the smooth, wealthy Algerian who has stolen the heart of Viktoriya, the woman Ivanovich loves.

At first the case looks simple – what woman wouldn’t choose a rich African businessman over a professional killer? But then evidence connects Gana to Russian mob money and the apparent suicide of Viktoriya’s father. Further investigation reveals that Gana may not be who he says he is. Then more deaths follow, closing in Viktoriya.

At first working only to protect Cindy’s life, Hannibal is soon chasing the truth for its own sake and must fight his way through past lies, present jealousies and the Red Mafiya to finally learn the real reason that death is stalking the couple. Gana’s lies and organized crime appear to be the cause of the murders.

But to learn the truth Hannibal must survive a dramatic final shootout side-by-side with his murderous client. Russian Roulette is the fifth book in the Hannibal Jones mystery series.

Purchase book here.

Visit author’s website here.

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