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Who Are You? by Christa Maurice
June 26, 2009, 8:14 am
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I have been thinking lately about how to introduce myself. Most of the time introductions are easy. Among writers, I’m a writer. In a school setting, I’m a teacher. Depending on the setting, I am what suits. However, there are times when the setting doesn’t give an obvious answer. And then there are times when I’m sitting in nap time having forgotten my book and am bored out of my mind so I think about this stuff.

So I was dwelling on this the other day during nap time when I forgot my book and the power ran out on my iPod so I couldn’t play solitaire.

This is what I came up with: I’m a smut writer, pre-school teacher and linguist.

So what do you call yourself when people ask?


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It’s nice to see someone else using the work “smut” – I love the word, but I often seem to get flack for using it. I think there are people who are afraid it will taint the good Romance name, but I will always have a place in my heart for smut.

Elle Parker

Comment by Elle Parker

You may call me God.

And before you freak, that is a line from JINXED, my romcom. I call myself a novelist.

Comment by inezkelley

I don’t mind the term smut, but I would be more leery using it in such close proximity to the words pre-school teacher. Could give the wrong impression. Eek! LOL.

I usually start by saying I am a former journalist, artist, and instructor. Actually, since I still write freelance for magazines, I probably should leave off the word ‘former’ but for now it gives the connotation I prefer best.

Comment by Cass

Ah. The Vorlon question.

I like Lorien’s answer. “That’s quite a question, isn’t it? There’s never a good answer.”

However I tell people I’m either a writer or a heretic depending on which is most likely to get them talking. 😉

Comment by Rob Graham

It is the Vorlon question. I forgot. Well, at least I can out on the right side.

And I doubt I would actually say smut writer and pre-school teacher in the same breath unless I knew the audience could take it.

Comment by Charlotte McClain

I always simply say, “I’m a writer.” and when they ask what I write I say romance.

But my dad and his answers tickle me to no end. He will call me and say, “I saw so and so today and they asked about you and what you were doing.” I always reply with, “What did you tell them?” He says, “I told them that you stayed at home and were raising that baby, oh and, that you write porn.”

He blushes and it makes me laugh. I have always loved the shock value and I would pay good money to see the look on some of these people’s faces.

Comment by Niki Green

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