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I Can’t Hear You LALALALALALA! by Christa Maurice
June 19, 2009, 8:06 am
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I have this character who seriously needs to SHUT UP! She’s been yammering in my ear for about 3 weeks, but It Is Not Her Turn!

A couple of years ago I wrote a novel specifically to practice writing sex scenes. The Rock Star’s Retreat is about (get this) a rock star (Jason) who goes to a cabin in West Virginia in January because he’s been in such a foul mood that he’s about to break up the band. The owner (Cassandra) has been in lust with him for years. Perfect opportunity for lots of sex, no? Well, I’m not capable of straight porn so there’s a story, there’s community, there’s family, there’s angst, there’s a few laughs. Fine. I subbed it and sold it in record time (again.) I’m now in the throes of editing it for publication.

While in these throes, I started thinking about the other characters. He’s in a band, right? I knew Bear, the drummer, was engaged to a 2nd grade teacher and Brian, the bassist, was married to a total harpy and had 2 kids. Other than that – bupkis. So the characters were having dinner one day (no, my characters’ lives do not stop at the end of the book, nor do they start at the beginning) and Ty, the singer, asked how Bear met a 2nd grade teacher.

So I’m also in the throes of writing that story. And the wheels are turning. In the space of about 3 days I had plotted out Marc and Ty’s romances, but had no idea for Brian.

Brian is my favorite. In addition to having a weakness for bass players (thank you Paul McCartney, Gian Gomeshi and Rick Savage), I understand Brian best of all of them. I entertained a couple of ideas for him and then SHE came along.

Oh, she’s perfect for him. I like her. I don’t know what her name is yet, but that’ll come. BUT, she needs to wait her turn. The way the timing is laid out I really need to finish up with Bear and Maureen and Marc and Alex first. Brian also needs to get through his divorce and there’s the kids to consider. I may, in fact, have to write the first part of Brian and whathername and then do Marc and Alex.

And I’ve got way too many throes going on right now.



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I’m starting a new book… The many throes of Charlotte!!!


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