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AA Founder’s Day by Christa Maurice
June 12, 2009, 8:39 am
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Okay, it’s established that I’m easily confused. I looked at my calender and it said, “AA.” I thought, “Alcoholics Anonymous?”

Now, this is not as outlandish a leap as it may seem. You see, it’s Alcoholics Anonymous Founder’s Day this weekend(go ahead and read it again, it’s not going to get less confusing) and AA was founded within walking distance of my house. For about a year and a half I lived three blocks from Dr. Bob’s house. Each year thousands of people descend on the little city of Akron, Ohio to pay tribute to the man (and the other man. Bill W.) who literally saved their lives with a darn good idea. The local university opens up its dorms, church basements all over town overflow and on Sunday morning there will be a procession of motorcycles to the cemetery. It’s a very quiet and respectful homage. Other than Sunday morning, you wouldn’t know it was happening and for the first couple of years I was in town, I couldn’t figure out the motorcycles.

I’ve been fortunate enough to never need AA personally. Both of my grandfathers were alcoholics and I recognized addictive patterns in myself very early. I spent college standing at the top of that dark path saying, “No thanks, I’m the designated driver.” I’ve since met a number of people who are recovering alcoholics and am really grateful for the program because my life would be poorer.

So this weekend, raise a non-alcoholic toast to Dr. Bob and Bill W. for the brilliant idea and the genius execution. Where in the world would we be without them?



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