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Tax Day by Christa Maurice
April 16, 2009, 8:10 pm
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So I have this image in my mind of this tiny whirlwind in the little wooden box where my dad’s ashes are. I know, it’s really unlikely because there really isn’t enough room in there, but since he doesn’t have a grave to roll in…

What did I do to make my father whirl in his wooden urn? Well, my dad was an accountant. Growing up, we received phone calls from panicked people as late as 10 at night on Tax Day. My whole adult life, I have been scrupulous about getting my taxes done early. Most years I had my refund before April Fool’s so I could smugly watch less organized people standing in long lines at the post office on April 15th. Except this year, when I was one of those disorganized people.

There I was, at the post office on Tax Day, mailing off my city, state and federal tax forms as well as a phone bill and a contract to Lyrical for book 2 of the Arden FD series. Now I better get my buns in gear and finish book 3.

And next year I’ll try not to be standing in line at the post office on Tax Day.

Charlotte McClain


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We file electronically, so we don’t have to stand in line, but we did file later than normal this year. *LOL* BUT…I’ve already prepared first quarter stuff of this year so I’m caught up and ahead of the game. (As long as I stay with it.)


Comment by Lesli Richardson

You’re so good. I’m sitting here thinking “first quarter, is that over already?”

Comment by Charlotte McClain

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