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Esteban Powell And Adventures At The Library by Christa Maurice
April 2, 2009, 5:33 pm
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I am finally getting my Esteban Powell fix. It’s taken me 2 weeks.

This is my problem. I get hung up on these C list actors that I then have a devil of a time tracking down. I found Esteban Powell originally through Hysteria: the Def Leppard Story. (Okay, my watching choices might have something to do with my hang up on C list actors.) Regardless, I thought he was adorable and a good actor.

Tracking down a C list actor requires tenacity and patience. First, I had to go to to find out what he’s been in other than Hysteria. He was in a movie called Bunny Whipped which looks hysterical (man becomes superhero after his girlfriend breaks up with him.) I’m putting off ordering it from until I figure out if it’s love or just infatuation. Esteban (because we’re on a first name basis now, or I am. If he wants to be, I’m game.) was also in a move called Paper Cutabout an indy newspaper and a love triangle which also looks good. Since the library didn’t have either of them, I had to resort to episodes in which he guest starred.

The first thing I tried was a CSI episode titled Abra-Cadaver. After 2 year in Korea, you’d think I’d have seen every episode, but somehow I missed that one. I requested it from the library, very careful to get the right disk from the season I needed. (Note the word choice.) It came in. I was happy. I brought it home, popped it open and-

The wrong disk was in the box. Not only was it the wrong disk, but it happened to be full of episodes I had seen repeatedly while overseas. I was okay with that. It’s the library. These things happen. So I took it back and made another stab. The second time I requested it, I got the right disk from the wrong season.

Third time was a charm. I got my hands on the correct disk. Too bad Esteban was only on camera for about 3 seconds.

Now it’s time to start hunting for Mr. Monk and the Big Game. I’ve already requested it from the library once and gotten the wrong disk so I figure I have 2 more requests before I get it. By then The Cleaner might be in and I can just get the first season. He had a regular spot there. Or I may have broken down and bought Bunny Whipped.

Or maybe I’ll just watch Hysteria again.


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OMG Charlotte, I keep finding the most nutso things in common with you. I’m hung up on B/C list actors. Umm… strangely enough, I call them that, but they’ve all been in blockbusters. Delroy Lindo (not C list per se but never billed as a star this guy’s been in tons of blockbusters) and Ben Foster (loved him in 30 days of night)…

Hey what about Japan?


Comment by graysonreyescole

The Cleaner is an amazing show…he is wonderful

Comment by thatguy


I’m obviously your evil twin.

Comment by Charlotte McClain


I had seen some clips and I’m intrigued, but I try not to start watching a show until it’s well into its second season. If I get into a show in the first season, it gets cancelled.

Comment by Charlotte McClain

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