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Lost. Yep. Lost. by Grayson Cole
February 22, 2009, 3:58 pm
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Someone submitted to me recently that they believe the show Lost had really turned around this season and the direction was wonderful. I submit to you that I disagree.

I’m watching… And, well, not to sound like a negative nelly, cause really I’m not… I don’t agree that the series has redeemed itself. I’m still watching though only when I get around to clumps of episodes on DVR.

So far this season, if you haven’t been watching, there have been a lot of flashes of light and a lot of nose bleeds. That’s about it. And those two things are the hallmark of what I am calling: “The Time Travel Trident (and I don’t mean the kind Poseidon carries)” . Seriously, the time travel device in this series has been like taking a Sam’s Club sized pack of Trident and chewing like mad to plug holes in the hull of an aesthetically pleasing, wonderfully innovative, but disastrously engineered ship. I’d like it to succeed but don’t really see how it can.

Spoiler alert… I guess?

Now, I haven’t seen the show where they actually get back on to the island yet. I’m going to do that this evening between watching basketball and *not* watching the Academy Awards. But, I’ve heard it was great. My bff said she has been on the edge of her seat all season and that show was epic. We’ve been known once or twice to disagree on these things.

Someone charged that what’s wrong with this season is that there has been little action because, finally, many questions are being answered. I stick some well chewed Trident to that opinion. My questions haven’t been answered, but that could be because I’ve held on to those raised in the first couple of seasons. I have not been distracted by the bright shiny light in the sky and luckily have not succumbed to a bitch of a nosebleed. We did see Danielle Rousseaux show up on the island pregnant with her Bande des Frères. A bunch of the fellows fall in a hole and come out differnt (not misspelled, I’m from Alabama, that’s how we say it). She shoots them and before our eyes, or rather I should say “Voilà !” We get a glimpse of the crazy she becomes later. The only mission she gets before everyone is dead, by the way, is to get to the radio tower to call for help. Convenient, but not an explanation. We already knew she came with a team. We already knew she was pregnant. We already knew she believed her team to have been infected with a disease. So what did I gain from that story line? Zip. I’m still confused about the survival/purpose of her kid, ya know the one that got the axe in front of Ben last year… or was it the year before… It occurs to me that I’ve spent too much time on this Lost silliness… Damn, somebody get me a beer…

Or, better yet, somebody tell me why you think this season is great. I long to feel differently because despite me thinking that the writers of Lost are like the bank’s in October (they got a big stimulus package but instead of offering any help and forging forward to build, they decided to do housekeeping, balance their books, only to demand more resources and patience later), I’m still watching the show.

Grayson Reyes-Cole
Author of Bright Star


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