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We Now Interrupt A Sharpest Wife… by Grayson Cole
January 18, 2009, 3:53 pm
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sharpestbladeSo, last week there was fun to be had at Rita Vetere’s chat. There were laughs, drinks, and superheroes all over the place. Rita Chatted about her last book and a little about her upcoming release Cambion which I think will be phenomenal. Sean Cummings chatted about his upcoming Lyrical Press release and if you’re into action, he’s your man. And me? Well I chatted about A Sharpest Wife. Yep. I wasn’t hawking any wares just chatting about the story and what happens in it and underlying motivations. It was fun. It was … thought-provoking.

Someone asked how long the story was going to go before I wrapped it up. The answer was that I wanted it to last for a few months… But hey, I’m already about three months in and nowhere near calling it a day. John B. Rosenman, the phenomenal author of Dax Rigby: War Corresponent, asked me a brilliant question about procreation in this world I’ve created that truly got me to think about the plot and where it could go. Then there were more questions about the Sharpest War and where the tale is leading us.

So a poll was born: Does Grayson continue A Sharpest Wife via serial blog indefinitely? Or does she can it and focus on creating a cohesive novel to be enjoyed in a single package? The vote was unanimous. The adoring fans (ahem… fan or two) were willing to forego episodes to see a complete novel about Mari and Hapod, Anya, Ananda and her relationship with her mother and sisters, definitely more about Clayan, and about Rhadya… remember her? She’s a Sharpest Wife, too.

To that end, I do think a novel is in store but what about this serial blog? What do you think? A novel will be created, but does the serial blog end. Do you need a few more episodes to leave you at a nice cozy spot for the next year πŸ™‚ it takes for me to write the novel?

If you’re reading A Sharpest Wife, here’s your time. Let me know your thoughts. What do you think about the suspension of the blog to make way for a novel? Hell, what do you think about the story at all?

I’d love to hear!

Author of Bright Star


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Hey, Grayson! I know you already know how I feel, but to reiterate: Your fans might be disappointed in the short term if you discontinue the blog. In my opinion, though, this multi-faceted and complex story deserves to be a novel–an epic, sweeping novel! And I am 110% sure that it will be worth the wait!

Comment by Rita Vetere

*Chants* “Novel! Novel!”

Comment by dara11

I think you should write a novel… but I would hate to see the serial story end! I think it’s one of the highlights of this blog, and you might check to see what the blog’s readership does on the days you post it. It’s worth a lot in publicity as well as being a great ongoing story. I, for one, want to know what happens!

Also, it’s made me consider doing one on my own blog. Or here, once yours is done or moved on. Whichever. πŸ™‚

Kathleen –

Comment by asherose

Hm… You have given me a lot to think about folks. Thank you very much for the support Rita and Dara. Kathleen thank you for saying that you look forward to it and I’m glad to hear that it’s given you some ideas to boot! Sooo here’s a question… anyone think it would be possible for me to do both? Hmmm? For now, I will continue to post at the very least until I get to a more reasonable stopping point, lol!

Comment by Grayson Reyes-Cole

A good idea, Grayson. That way you won’t disappoint any regulars who stop by to check out the serial.

Comment by dara11

I say keep it going!!


Comment by Lesli Richardson

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