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A Sharpest Wife, Episode 9: Captivity by Grayson Cole
January 11, 2009, 5:48 pm
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sharpest-blade1Hello Friends!!!

Last week, we left with Mari in a perilous situation with her former love Hapod. Crazed, Hapod ranted about a war and poisoned blood, before he attacked the servant and a blinding light flashed… Read below to find out what happened.

As always, if you’ve missed an episode, you may find it on this blog or on my website at

The band around her throat was cool to the touch. Mari could breathe again. Then, she could see again.

She was alone in the elevator. When the doors opened, she found herself staring up at Ananda.

“Get up,” Ananda commanded.

“Thank you, Ananda.” There could be no question that somehow the Sharpest Wife had saved her.

“Stand, Mari.”

Mari did so. She still had to tilt her head up to look at Ananda.

To their escorts, Ananda said, “You four are not needed anymore this evening. You may retire to the floor below. Do not go beyond.” The men had remained silent and still since they arrived at the top of the hotel, despite strange and intense circumstances.

The escorts filed into the elevator and left.

“Hapod said something to you, when he attacked you. What was it?”

Mari swallowed. She knew the band gave Ananda access to her at all times, but she had not yet discovered to what extent.

“He said he couldn’t feed from me but that he refused the poisoned Blood of Sharpness. He said that there was a Sharpness Curse and a war and you were his enemy.”

Ananda gave her a curt nod. “Follow me.”

Mari did as instructed and found herself behind the doors of a hotel suite transformed into a palace. There was silk on the walls, handcrafted rugs on the floors, a fountain even. She was not surprised by the level of luxury, but she was impressed.

Ananda walked briskly toward what Mari assumed was the bedroom. Mari entered behind her and could not halt the startled shriek that escaped her lips.

Clayan was affixed to the wall.

His arms and legs stretched out wide. His feet turned outward, and his hands were open and pressed against the wall. His head was turned to one side and his neck tensed with strain.

When her hands began to shake, Mari stuffed them into her pockets.

Ananda went and sat on the bed against the headboard with her legs stretched out before her. Her legs and feet were modestly covered by her skirts.

“Come, Mari.”

On trembling legs, Mari approached and sat on the bed beside Ananda. It allowed her a direct and unencumbered view of Clayan, held by invisible hands against the wall. He was not bloody, his limbs seemed fit. Clayan appeared relatively unharmed.

“I have learned many things from my husband today.”

Reminder, I will be chatting about A Sharpest Wife Jan. 12 at Rita Vetere’s live chat. 8 PM Eastern.

Grayson Reyes-Cole
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Another great episode! Looking forward to chatting about this amazing series tonight, Grayson!

Comment by Rita Vetere

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