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Call me when it’s Easter… by Tymber Dalton
January 8, 2009, 12:48 pm
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I’d like to say I’m enjoying the new year. Unfortunately, the new year looks a lot like the old year, particularly since the THREE (yes, count ’em, –Count voice– one *ah ah* two *ah ah* three *ah ah*) Christmas trees my husband set up in our house this year are STILL UP.

Only half of the outside decoration (that would have made Clark Griswold green with envy) is down.

Please, Goddess, I want my house back!

Some would say, “Well, why don’t you put them away?” Here’s the problem. When Dh (aka “The World’s Best Husband(TM)”) put them up, the deal was HE would do it. He has a system, and it would take me twice as long to decipher the system, find where the heck all the ornament boxes are, etc. and a lot more screaming and swearing than it would be for him to do it. And frankly, I don’t have time, or I’ll have editors screaming at me for my manuscripts that have been contracted.

So up they stay.

Dh has already started “the countdown” again. (Ugh.) He can tell you exactly how many days until Christmas and how many days until I’ll let him start decorating again.

I think he’s trying to wear me down to allow the trees to stay up all year round.

Nope, not happening.

You think I’m kidding? I’m not. I wish I was. (And people wonder WHERE I get my ideas? *LOL*)

Oh, and time to pay the mortgage — my newest Tymber Dalton novel, “Love at First Bight,” is now available on BookStrand’s site and is already a bestseller!! Whoo hoo!!

And my next Lesli Richardson novel, “Out of the Darkness,” is coming on 1/19 from Lyrical Press, Inc.!

Lesli. (aka Tymber)


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I know how you feel, Lesli. My tree and decorations are still up too. I think most people take them down after the new year but, to tell you the truth, I’m a procrastinator. Besides, I go through such trouble to get all the Christmas stuff up I figure I may as well enjoy them as long as possible. 😀

Comment by dara11

*LOL* Yeah, they’re STILL up. At least MOST of the yard stuff is down now. *LOL*


Comment by Lesli Richardson

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