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We Will Return with A Sharpest Wife after this Message! by Grayson Cole
December 21, 2008, 3:37 pm
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Today is the day when I normally would post an update to A Sharpest Wife. I was all set to do it, too, when someone reminded me that December 25th coincided with the holiday of my people. LOL. Really, every year I thikn I’m going to plan better for Christmas and every year I do not manage it.

So, this week, no Sharpest Wife (although, I assure that more of this alternate universe is in store). Instead, I will regale you with my Christmas to do list.


*Complete a painting
*Find where I can get capons in Tuscaloosa, Alabama
*Argue about orange marmalade
*Attend two family parties at once
*Find the dress shirt with the largest embroidered horse on it
*Get a Wii on the cheap
*Get the nice Garmin on the cheap
*Develop a new hot, brandy and pomegranite infused holiday drink
*Go into stores I wouldn’t have gone into even *when* I was a 16 year old girl
*Get the standard annual money order for one soul.


I’m off…

Love you guys, have a happy holiday no matter what you celebrate!



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wow good luck with that list

Comment by Savannah Chase

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