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A Sharpest Wife, Episode 7: Sharpest Union by Grayson Cole
December 14, 2008, 5:28 pm
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sharpestbladeHello friends! In Episode 6: With This Drop of Blood, Ananda was diverted from destroying the man who abandoned her sister by the elixir that was her husband Clayan’s blood. But who was caught in the trap, Ananda or Clayan?

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Clayan had known she would come for him. Known it, just thirteen days after he’d left. At first, the excitement of traversing the Film, of discovering a world poorly formed in childish fantasies, sustained him. The decadence of bare skin and pulses everywhere he looked lured him. The smell of smoke, the taste of milk, the deference he was afforded as a “foreign-born prince,” all nearly made him forget… but one could never forget hunger. And Clayan’s Hunger could not be slaked.


Because he could not feed.


Hapod and Namyo did not only feed, they feasted, but Clayan could not.


Which is why he knew. So, he waited another near month for his Sharpest Wife to come for him. In that time, the time he should have used to design the sweetest of snares, he grew weak and unfocused instead. He drank the milk of animals, which provided much of the ecstasy of blood, but none of the nutrients required by the men of his tribe. Milk was forbidden in his homeland, but in this place where he was beyond law, he gorged on the substance until he hallucinated and dreamed of her, of Ananda.


His belly had tightened painfully as soon as she broke through the Film. He’d had mere minutes to think, to call his companions to him, but she arrived before they could truly prepare.


He hadn’t meant to feed from her when first they met. He’d meant to trap her, to stall her until he could think of something else. He’d meant to feed from her, yes he had, but not before he had control, of her and of himself. But Clayan had no control as Ananda drew from him.


The scent of ecstasy rose in musky and seductive waves from her body. Her lips and tongue hot against his arm sent an intense tingle shooting across his skin, a dark current through his veins to his heart, and a tightness born of frustration and anticipation to his loins.


His teeth itched when he bared her throat. He stumbled with searing pleasure when they sank into her silken flesh. When his body flushed hot with both satisfaction and mounting desire, he fell backward onto the bed, dragging his wife with him. His wife. He tasted her and he knew her in a way more intimate than he had ever known her, and in a way he would never know another again.


Clayan discovered her. Likes, dislikes, memories, abilities. Her brain and soul were organized, catalogued. Even her emotions were in slots of varying sizes. Anger, conceit, and sexual desire took up the largest spaces. Clayan would never have imagined that those things were strong within the boring, needy Sharpness Wife he had left. Odd. Intriguing. Intoxicating. Lacking the potential of love, overflowing with the potential of lust and passion.


Clayan felt his own soul being excavated, plundered. He felt Ananda’s surprise at what she found within him.


Still feeding, Clayan fisted his free hand in the material of her long skirt and drug it up over her calves, high enough for him to slip his hand beneath.


Ananda’s heat scorched him. It spurred him on. The moist and earthen scent of her body made his eyes roll as he sighed an agonized sigh. He was stronger with her life force coursing through him, but he needed more, so much more. HE made quick work with his hands.


A shocked gasp escaped Ananda’s lips as she let go of Clayan’s arm. She tossed her head back pulling out of Clayan’s bite. The long black locks that had been bound with ribbon at the nape of her neck escaped and tumbled over her shoulders and down her back. Her eyes shined pewter as she looked down at Clayan. A surprised hand went up to her throat, where Clayan’s mark burned hot. It would not close until this union was done. Then she grimace and the muscles in her face tensed for just a moment.



Then her face relaxed even though her breathing and pulse accelerated. Her eyes for Clayan’s and he read within them certain rapture.


Clayan rocked his body beneath her, and she moaned. Again, and she fell forward. Clayan’s arms came around her in a steel band meant to caress and anchor. He moved again and felt pleasure so profound he barely heard the deep growl that ripped free of Ananda’s throat.

Grayson Reyes-Cole
Author of Bright Star


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