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Your Dreams; What Are They Telling You? by ~ Me ~
December 13, 2008, 4:10 pm
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They say there’s truth in dreams. That while we’re sleeping bits of knowledge we’re unaware we possess sometimes float to the surface, battering against our thoughts in an attempt to make themselves known in our conscious minds. Just-in-case I’ve decided to compile a list of the information I’ve received over time from my subconscious mind, via dreams. 


Things I ‘ve learned from my dreams:



#1.  Gerard Butler used to be Queen Elizabeth’s lover, until they both agreed to see other people.


#2. If you cut a human being up into tiny pieces they can be put back together again.


#3.  Simon Cowel is a literary agent, but he’s not very good at it. I even dreamed I read this particular bit of info on a writer’s forum I frequent.  That’s right, I spend so much time on writer’s forums that I can’t be sure any more whether the things I learn on them are real or imagined.


#4.  When we reach puberty, we all grow alien antennas on our heads. Most of us manage to keep this secret however, by cutting them off (think Angel in X Men).


Those are a few pieces of knowledge my subconscious was nice enough to share with me. What have your dreams been telling you lately?



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Comment by aubreyleatherwood

You’re scaring me.

Comment by Charlotte McClain

No, I’m scaring me!

Comment by Dara England

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