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A Sharpest Wife, Episode 6: With This Drop of Blood by Grayson Cole
December 7, 2008, 4:43 am
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In last week’s episode of A Sharpest Wife, Ananda entered a world much like our own as a princess to find her prince. Ananda’s Hunger was tested when she encountered two other men who have abandoned their wives and escaped through the Film–one of them her dead sister’s and maid’s lover. Before she could do harm, she was interrupted by a voice that sent fire through her body and soul, Clayan, her own escaped husband.

If you’ve missed an episode, you can find them all on this site as well as at

Ananda regained her composure after remembering her captured prey. She raised her chin and raised her once brother-in-law, Hapod, higher in the air. He clawed at his throat but made no sound.


“Yes, I am Sharpest, Clayan,” Ananda whispered as she watched Hapod’s struggle. “I am vengeance.”


“Please, Ananda…”


Ananda’s head swiveled quickly. Her eyes narrowed as she evaluated Mari.


“Please don’t kill him.”


“You dare interfere?” The metal encasing Ananda’s right wrist took on a subtle glow.


“Ananda this is not like you,” Mari cried even though she went down on her knees in a show of deference, placation. The ring around her neck glowed as well.


“How can you beg for his life after what he’s done?”


“Please Ananda. I need to speak with him. I need for him to explain himself.”


“Explain why he left you, yes? Not why he killed my sister?”


Mari paled and seemed to sink even deeper into the floor. She covered her face with her thin hands. Her shoulders shook.


When she sensed movement to her left, Ananda snapped her attention back to Clayan. “What are you doing?”


With lightning speed, her husband reached his hand into the deep pocket of her gown. How did he know she would keep it with her? He drew her marriage blade from the scabbard hidden there.


Curved, finely-honed steel gleamed, and the dark red jewels in the hilt tinkled. Blades were a traditional gift given to Sharpness Wives. A study in opposites, the daggers were were well-crafted works of art and restrained but fashioned as true and vicious weapons. They symbolized a civilized culture still ruled by primitive need.


Excited by the site of the marriage blade clasped in Clayan’s right hand, The Hunger inside Ananda caused a tingle to race across her skin.


Clayan shook his hair out of his eyes so that they glittered gunmetal and challenged Ananda. He took a step back then raked the material of his shirt sleeve up over his left elbow.


Ananda licked her lips.


“I have taken Hapod’s blood,” Clayan informed her. “If you take mine, you will have what you came for and you will have a link to him, too. He will not be able to hide from you. Let Mari have her time with him. Kill him later.”


Then he sliced the tender inside of his forearm.


Ananda gasped as her Hunger ricocheted through her body, causing her to shiver and her body to ache. Her eyes grew round as red fluid beaded on his arm. Before that one tantalizing drop of blood could fall, Ananda dropped Hapod and cupped her hands beneath the flow.


Clayan took another step back.


Staring at the blood, feeling its warmth make love to her hands, overwhelmed by the anticipation of bringing it to her lips, Ananda took a step forward.


Clayan took a step back.


Ananda could bear it no more, she bent to lap the life blood of a prince among princes, of the man who was hers, of the only one who could calm the Hunger within her.


Ecstasy. Pure. Simple. Destroying all other sensation and thought, as, for the first time, Ananda gave in to the hunger. She cleaned her hands quickly, but fastened her mouth greedily over his forearm holding it to her with her slick red fingers, feeling this beautiful act even deep with her body.


With an aroused hiss, Clayan started to take another step back, but stopped.


Suddenly, he used the knife to slice away the material covering the irresistible pulse at her throat. He ripped it away and sank his teeth into the virgin flesh.


Behind Ananda, the door to their near palatial suite closed and locked, the others forgotten.




Which side of the door shall we find ourselves on next Sunday? With Clayan and Ananda? or with Hapod and Mari?

Thanks for stopping in for a read,
Grayson Reyes-Cole
Author of Bright Star


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Awesome update! Things are certainly heating up. Patiently awaiting the next update …

Comment by Liz Velez

Thank you again for tuning in Liz! Heck, I’m excited to find out what’s going to happen next!


Comment by graysonreyescole

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