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Acts of Dog by Christa Maurice
December 4, 2008, 5:14 pm
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I’m dog/house sitting for a friend right now and, during an attempt at grooming Sunday, the little devil bit me. He was contrite after I let him out of the bathroom where I’d quarantined him after the incident. Since then he’s been trying to make it up to me. Yesterday was his best attempt.

There’s a fire station down the road and when I went to walk him in the afternoon, the ladder truck was parked and running in front of the station. Which way do you think I decided to go? I planned to stay on the opposite side of the street, but then the woman at the other end of the road who has three rat terriers decided to walk her dogs too. Alvin does not play well with others so I crossed the street, now headed right for the running ladder truck.  Then I noticed the three firefighters testing equipment at the back of the truck. Be still my beating heart. Alvin focused entirely on the rat terriers, squealing, growling and barking when he thought he could get away with it. I had him on a really short leash to keep him from charging across the street. Well, that kept him right at my heels which worked great until one of the guys revved up a chain saw causing high strung Alvin to skitter sideways under my feet. I had exactly a half second to think, “great.”

I managed to keep my feet, unfortunately though Alvin took another stab at dumping me when we walked in front of the truck because the diesel engine startled him. Normally, I love the heavy rumble of a big diesel engine, especially when it’s inside a big red and white truck, but not so much when a cairn terrier is trying to knock me into the push bumper.

Alvin did his best with that he had to work with and we did make an impression. Half an hour later, I was driving past the station. The truck and the equipment had been put away, but one of the guys was outside and he waved. It’s good to be a groupie.

Charlotte McClain


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LOL Sounds like you’re having fun with your mischievous furry friend, Charlotte. How’s the bite healing up?

Comment by Dara England

It’s doing well. No sign on infection or anything.

Comment by Charlotte McClain

*LOL* Acts of Dog…that’s what we say around our house. We have 6 of them (right now 7 because we’re dogsitting a friend’s dog because she had surgery yesterday) and we joke that we don’t have acts of god, we have acts of DOG.

It’s no coincidence that god spelled backwards is DOG.


Comment by Lesli Richardson

They say men frequently go out walking with their dogs because the hot ladies in the park coo and pet the dogs, and if the men are very, very lucky, some of that affection might spill over onto them… I didn’t know it worked on firemen too! Might have to try that…


Comment by asherose

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