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Warning: Web Dev and Cold Meds Do NOT Mix Well… by Tymber Dalton
December 3, 2008, 2:14 pm
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Um, yeah, the title says it all. Sick with a cold and taking over the counter cold meds, yesterday I decided it was a fine time to do a site upgrade on my site.

No, not so much.

After about six hours of ripping my hair out, it’s back up and running. There’s still a few bugs to work out, but my template is as gone as my economic stimulus package refund check. And there’s no way I’m going to try to tackle a template overhaul feeling like this.


On the good side…my Tymber Dalton book, “Love Slave for Two,” which came out just a little over a week ago is holding steady at BookStrand’s #2 slot on their 14-day bestseller list. Yay!! I’m totally blown away over that!

Over at Amira Press, I’m participating in their Secret Santa contest and in the free ebook reader giveaway. If you buy my vampire romance, “Love and Brimstone,” directly from them, you can enter for a chance to win! Click on over to their website for details.

And my Tymber Dalton website is up and running. If it looks a lot like my Lesli Richardson site it’s because…well, I chickened out and went with what I know. *LOL* It was easier to do a full site install on that and be done with it. Sign up for my newsletter there for a chance to enter my holiday giveaway.

My husband and son have been playing Clark Griswold Sr. and Jr. — I installed yet another dedicated 20amp breaker and outside outlet for them. So far, they haven’t blown anything. (Keeping my fingers crossed.) If you want to see some poorly shot nighttime light pictures, I’ve got them and the full story posted over at my Tales From the Snark Side blog.

Sorry I’m not very funny or snarky this week, but frankly, this cold has me wiped totally out.



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Sorry you’re not feeling well, Lesli. That’s what I hate about this time of year, way too many colds. 😦

Comment by Dara England

Thanks, Dara. What’s worse is feeling lousy and then the cold meds compounding the situation. LOL


Comment by Lesli Richardson

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