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A Sharpest Wife, Episode 5: The Royal Connection by Grayson Cole
December 1, 2008, 12:56 am
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sharpest-bladeAnanda has just gotten her affairs in order, learned a bit about the powers of a Sharpest Wife, and gone after Clayan, her wayward husband. She traversed the Film to a land of sleek cars, skyscrapers, and decadence.

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Flanked by four guards and followed by Mari, Ananda mounted the steps to the hotel of muted gold, marble,  and light. The darkly tinted glass doors opened in front of her but before she could evaluate the luxury of the lobby, a very short man scuttled forward and bowed.


“Princess Ananda,” he entreated with another bow. “I am Georges Gaultier.”


Ananda did not speak to him. Instead, Mari stepped forward to take the man’s hand. “Hello, Mr. Gaultier. I am Marie Daugherty, Princess Ananda’s personal assistant. I’m very pleased to meet you, and I can assure you that the Princess appreciates the welcome, understanding, and discretion your accommodations offer. Perhaps we can go up to the suite directly now and speak at length. We were not anticipating coming in through the front door, you see.”


Startled, Gaultier pressed a hand to his throat, neatly covered with a starched white button down and an immaculately tied tie. He dipped again then raised his eyes to Ananda. She stared down at him.


“I cannot begin to tell you how sorry I am for this inconvenience. You are slightly ahead of schedule and—“


Mari stepped in front of him again. “Mr. Gaultier, I cannot begin to convey how important it is that you neither gaze at nor speak directly to the Princess. Your apologies are accepted, however you must get us out of this lobby. We are already drawing notice.”


“Yes, of course,” Gaultier spoke firmly. He had forgotten himself and now, it seemed, he remembered.


With four of the hotel’s guards joining the entourage, they all made their way to a keyed elevator at the back of the lobby. Amazingly, they all fit. The doors closed and the group listened to the low hum of the apparatus as it lifted them from the ground.


The interior of the elevator was mirrored.


Into the silence, Ananda remarked in a clear but low-toned voice, “I look different.”


From beside her, lower than her right shoulder, Mari spoke, “I am sorry, Princess, forgive me if I disagree. You are beautiful, as always.”


With a turn of the key at the front of the elevator, Georges Gaultier announced their arrival at the penthouse. “Miss Daugherty, please inform the Princess I have never seen a more striking woman. I am sure the Prince will be delighted to see his bride again.”


“The Prince is in then?” Mari asked casually.


“He is,” Gaultier assured her.


At that, the air took on a metal scent and taste almost like a mix of smoke and blood though it remained clear.


Ananda took a step forward. As Gaultier started out she turned back and held a hand up. The man stayed put and so did the four hotel guards. Mari and their escorts stepped out of the elevator but did not press forward. The six of them stood in a small atrium before large cream double doors with gold handles.


Ananda closed her eyes and breathed deeply. Three pulses. Her lungs filled and she slowly started to undo the knot within her. The knot of feelings, desire, and anger that had kept her alive even as she starved. She drew two pulses toward her.


In seconds, the double doors opened and two men walked out of them. Both were of her tribe. Both had escaped their wives. One of them had escaped her sister Anya.


Ananda squeezed her hand sharply and the elevator doors closed sending the five men within back down to the lobby. Ananda turned her attention to the man who had killed her sister and with another snap of her hand she brought him close. He fought her, indeed he did, but he could never be a match for a Sharpest Wife. His body hung in the air before her. The other man started toward the elevator and Ananda used her other hand and a crook of her neck to make him disappear.


“Back home with you,” she cooed as he dematerialized. Her eyes focused again on the prey trapped before her.


She heard Mari gasp beside her. Ananda spared her a quick glance.


“Mari. You have been quite curious about what I am, what a Sharpest Wife is,” Ananda announced. “Shall I show you now?”


Mari brought a shaking hand to her lips. Not a sound escaped them.


“This is the man who stole you, indentured you, then abandoned you. Abandoned you and my sister. How will you feel if I tear him open?”


Mari looked around at the men that had escorted them to this place.


“They will do nothing. I am the law of the Sharpest Way. I am a Sharpest Wife. Vengeance is mine even if for my sister.”


The man’s skin started to leak color. Slowly, dark skin turned egg white and nearly as brittle.


“Ananda, it is me you want.”


Clayan’s deep, slow voice ripped through her like an arrow. And when it pierced her, its poison spread through her body lapping at her insides like hot flames. So quickly, her Hunger, her instinctual need of him, was consuming her. Every inch of her skin tingled as if infused with electricity.


Without relinquishing her prey, she managed to turn to him. He did not look like himself, and yet, the visceral connection to him was undeniable. This handsome prince was her one and only. Her husband.


Clayan’s skin was the shade of burned sugar, his eyes the color of richest soil, and his glossy back hair waved thickly to his shoulders. His jaw was shadowed with dark hair and served to frame full, dark pink lips. He had a strong nose that fell beneath a haunting set of eyes. His brows and lashes were thick and dark, but those eyes. They were, perhaps, brown but seemed to glitter pewter as Ananda studied them. And she studied them, and studied them, and her hold on the escaped husband weakened as she swayed towards him.


His pulse speeding at the sight of her caused luscious swirls in her belly. He needed her, too. She almost doubled over with the strength of the vibrations and heat reaching out to her from his body..


“Sharpest?” He asked it, but it was not a question.

Stop by next Sunday to watch as this explosive reunion unravels!

Grayson Reyes-Cole

Author of Bright Star


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I was just able to get caught up on this. I look forward to reading this every week. Can’t wait for the next update. Sounds like things are certainly about to heat up!

Comment by Liz Velez

Oh, boy, Grayson…better and better! Can’t wait for the next!

Comment by Rita Vetere

Thanks Liz for coming back and spending time with the story week after week. Thank you, Rita, for your excitement and support! I’m excited to see what happens next, too!

Hugs and Kisses!

Comment by graysonreyescole

Keep ’em coming!!


Comment by Lesli Richardson

Will do! 🙂

Comment by graysonreyescole

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