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Best Birthday Gifts by ~ Me ~
November 29, 2008, 11:33 pm
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My oldest daughter just had her 4th Birthday last Monday. How old does that make me? Twenty-five actually, but it feels like more. Amazing how much your life can change in just a few years, isn’t it? If you’ve spent the past five years getting married, having two kids, going to school, and writing a handful of novels, you know what I mean. If not, you’ll just have to imagine.


My daughter’s big day got me thinking about the subject of birthdays in general and how they change as we get older. Remember when a birthday was a big deal? As a little kid you waited all year long for that one special day and planned months in advance what presents you would ask for (usually whatever toys they’d been showing on the commercial breaks during cartoons).  There was always that certain magical item you just had to have. Cupcake dolls anyone? That was my big obsession around my eighth birthday. Another time it was the Aladdin video.


Sadly, it all ends around age 21. The magic of birthdays begins to fade. You reach a point where there are no more “milestone” birthdays. At least not the good “I-can-get-my-ears-pierced, I-can-drive, I-can-vote” kind. At the same time I have to say the quality of birthday gifts really goes downhill. You go from Barbie swimming pools to Wal-Mart gift-cards.  Not that there’s anything wrong with a gift-card but it’s not the kind of present you were eager to rip the wrapping paper off as a kid.  Speaking of which, wrapped presents becomes a thing of the past after you leave your teens behind. You’re supposed to be too old to care about that kind of thing. These days all your gifts come in bags, sometimes with price-tags still attached. That’s so you can return anything you’re too fat to fit into. Don’t you love how your friends are always thinking ahead?


I’ve gone on this long birthday ramble to ask this: what do you think is the best kind of gift to get on your birthday?  What’s your most special birthday memory?  Drop a comment and let me know. 


By the way, for anyone curious, my daughter’s gifts were all horses and ponies. She’s going through a horse phase these days. 

–Dara England


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So you think this horse thing will go away? Hmm. 39 years ad counting here. One year for my birthday, Guitarman even got me riding lessons.

I’m a big fan of birthdays. My birthday, other people’s birthdays, adults, children. They’re all big to me. One of my favorite gifts of all time was something my sister gave me for my 30th. She got a jar and a pad of multicolored note squares. On each square she wrote one of her memories of me, folded it in four and dropped it in the jar. Everything from the horrible maternity dress my mother wouldn’t be parted from while she was pregnant with me to looking forward to the party in my new house.

Wish your daughter a happy birthday for me.

Comment by Charlotte McClain

My “baby” just turned 13. *LOL* Seems like I just graduated high school a few months ago and not *mumble* years ago.

Holy heck, I think I have a 20-year reunion coming up. Crud!


Comment by Lesli Richardson

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