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Favorite Authors by Kathleen
November 23, 2008, 1:19 am
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Who are your favorites, and why?

I come from a largely fantasy reader background. Many of my favorites have romantic elements, some stronger than others. The one with the most romance is undoubtedly Lois McMaster Bujold, whose newest series ‘The Sharing Knife’ is an out and out romantic fantasy. Well worth reading, as are her space operas and regular fantasies.

Another favorite is Peter S. Beagle, author of the well known fantasy classic The Last Unicorn. This book, while an excellent example of his work, is far from the only sort of piece he writes. Do check it out. It’s hard to say what his best work is, but I’m in absolute awe of Tamsin, which is written, and well-written, from the perspective of a teenage girl. Given that the writer is male and in his 60s, it’s fantastically impressive in that regard as well as being a wonderful novel. Don’t miss his short stories, gems all.

The other author I reserve a top spot in my heart for — and they all share the top, there’s no precedence here — is Connie Willis. Author of Tales From Marble Arch, she is one of the most decorated science fiction/fantasy authors in the field, and local to me as well. I’ve seen her at conventions a few times now, and she continues to be a delight personally as well as through her writing. Don’t miss her time travel novels, including To Say Nothing of the Dog.

Other authors, leaning toward the romantic elements, include Robin McKinley (read Sunshine if you don’t read anything else), Elizabeth Moon, Barbara Hambly, RA MacAvoy and Theodore Sturgeon. So who’s your favorite, and why?

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Oooh, I love reading fantasy. For me its Robin Hobb, Robert Jordan, Juliete Marillier, Kristin Britain and the like.

Comment by Dara England

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