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A Sharpest Wife, Episode 4: Through the Film by Grayson Cole
November 23, 2008, 4:40 pm
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The legal dust has settled, Ananda has discovered that there are rules and watchers for new Sharpest Wives, and she is ready to find her husband…


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After legal issues were settled, Ananda began the journey to Clayan. She traveled through The Film, an obscured expanse of ground, sky and periphery that endlessly bordered the tribes land to the East.


Children dared each other to stare directly at it. Rumors ranged from the energy-infused boundary blacking out the eyes and causing blindness to driving a watcher mad by revealing its gruesome secrets.


Ananda had never cared. In the time of freedom, before her body prepared itself to breed, she stared at it endlessly trying to identify shapes or anything. The Film never showed her anything. It remained a slightly swirling mass that didn’t lend itself to being processed by her eyes. When she blinked long or turned away from it, she forgot whatever she had seen.


Now, even as she voyaged through it in the vessel mounted on the backs of four pack animals, she could see nothing recognizable out of the window, so she let down the skin flaps to block out the confusing light. Though her body still seemed to recognize where it was. Her very skin sang with electricity.


The excitement she felt as she voyaged through it was foreign. Logically, she assumed since she had never before felt a desire to traverse the passage, her Hunger was excited to finally be loosed to track Clayan.


 She sought him as Sharpest Wives did their husbands. Not out of law, moral right, or expectation. She sought him out of nature, need, Hunger.


“Why do they call you Sharpness Wives?” Her foreign-born maid queried.


Ananda gave an almost imperceptible sigh. The question was impolite and phrased poorly. It was a minor offense, but she was very hungry and the slight misstep gave her a vision of tearing their girl in two with her bare hands. It was an ugly thought, one she attributed to her condition. She remained silent and still until her breathing and pulse slowed. Lucky for the girl, Ananda waited with above average patience until it was safe to move.


After reigning in the hypersensitive beast within her, she gave her attention to Mari. The maid was tired, curled at her feet, and ready to serve should there be a need.


“It is vulgar and it is old, this term,” Ananda answered finally.


“Tell me?”


“It is because the Sharpness Wife longs to be pierced. Between her legs, she must be. At her throat she must be. We are born this way to ensure our kind survives. The Sharp within us has a strong will to live on.”


“And a Sharpest Wife?”


Ananda ran slender fingers through the girl’s coarse hair. “The Sharpest Wife longs to pierce. She discovers the Teeth of Life typically found only in our men.” Ananda grasped her chin and tilted it upward. “A Sharpest Wife is a hungry power, more ravenous and devastating than our men. A Sharpest Wife craves what she is owed.”


Mari swallowed delicately. She had no choice. Ananda toyed with the circle of metal around Mari’s throat.


When committing to the Vow of Servitude, a female servant was drugged to stave off pain then inserted into a confining hammock with only her neck exposed. For hours, her body would be rotated while a special metal, mixed to meld and be accepted by skin, was slowly poured in its molten form and molded around her neck. Without the drugs, no servant would have been able to survive the pain. With the drug, they suffered discomfort only if wakened before the metal cooled. Once it cooled, the band of metal protected the female maid from the Hunger of unattached males.


Ananda had a matching band of permanent metal around her wrist, a symbol of royalty, a way of calling her servant to her.


“You are from this land,” Ananda stated.


“Yes,” Mari nodded.


“You were stolen.” Ananda continued.


“Yes,” Mari returned with an odd little smile. She had been loved by Ananda’s brother-in-law when he too, had escaped into the Film. He’d brought her back with him and promised that they could be together through her servitude. Within a year, he had gone through the Film again, forever this time, leaving Mari and Anya alone, until Anya died.


“We are changing,” Ananda noted. A bit of sorcery and the pack animals were masked into something long, sleek, low to the ground, silver, with short wide, black windows.


A limousine.


Beyond the window, the world had changed to one Ananda had only studied. Cars and computers, tall buildings with lights mounted on them, paved streets, and the freedom of letters and numbers everywhere her eyes alighted. But what she noticed before all else, what she marveled at, was the abundance of bare throats.


Come back next week for the explosive reunion of Clayan and Ananda!


Grayson Reyes-Cole

Author of Bright Star



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Ah, and so the hunt begins. Awaiting with bated breath the next update. I am officially hooked!

Comment by Liz Velez

Why thank you, Liz! 🙂

Comment by graysonreyescole

Can’t wait for the next one! *G* You’ll definitely have to keep them coming, especially since now we’re without True Blood for a while. *LOL*

Comment by Lesli Richardson

Thanks, Lesli! I’m greedily trying to reap the benefits of the seasonal demise of True Blood! Glad you are enjoying it! 😀

Comment by graysonreyescole

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