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Giveaways? Uh, what? by Cassie Exline
November 12, 2008, 10:38 pm
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Sorry, I’m late. Time flew with meetings, etc. etc. etc. all day long. Now I have a gigantic headache. This blog won’t be exactly how I wanted to write it, but I’ll post that the next time.

Where to buy giveaways:

VistaPrint: Business cards, post cards, posters, window decals, brochures, etc. etc. etc. Hopefully you’re in the States. I didn’t know until a couple of weeks ago that there are extra charges to ship items across the border to Canada (thanks for that tidbit, Savannah). In the States, we get lots of offers for free at VistaPrint and the shipping fee isn’t bad at all.  Product is great and service excellent. The large post cards can be layed out for five bookmarks which you cut apart. I have the template, but haven’t tried it yet, but will let you know. The card stock is excellent.

National Pen Company: Not just for ink pens. They also sell calendars, coffee mugs, key chains, plus a lot more.  Wonderful giveaways. The first time I ordered pens, it was a Sunday and the pens arrived on Thursday. I was shocked and positive they forgot to enscribed them. Nope, perfect.

Business cards and ink pens can be handed out at any time. When you make a bill payment, if you still pay by check, tuck a business card or bookmark in the envelope. When you go to the bank, leave a few cards and pens.  I never leave home with a supply in my purse or jacket pocket and especially in my car.

Where I live a lot of businesses have a community bullentin board. So I add my card.  Don’t forget checking the post office and banks.

On one of the loops we had a discussion on how much personal information should be put on the card. My opinion, no personal address. Just your author name, website, blog, and publisher’s site is more than enough.  Author’s personal taste.

If you’re going to fix a goodie bag to send to a contest winner, beside your book in pdf form, check Oriental Trading Company. Wonderful prices, lots goodies, and products are excellent, service just as good.

Next time: book thongs

Cassie Exline


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There’s a company in Florida called Post Cards Plus that does amazing post cards. The printing passed muster with my ultra picky artist husband. Oriental Trading company is an excellent suggestion. I love looking through their stuff and seeing 7.99 per unit, 48 in a unit.

Comment by Charlotte McClain

I love Vistaprint, Cassie. I hadn’t thought about making bookmarks from the postcards though. Good idea. I hadn’t heard of the national pen company but I’ll check them out.

Comment by Dara England

VistaPrint is a great outfit to deal with. What I love about the Nat’l Pen Company, some of the pens have the option of five lines of text or you can download a logo. Prices aren’t bad, just have to search for the bargain. Some of the pens are buy one get one free or buy two get one free and some are just downright expensive. lol

Just love my coffee mugs. I wanted a mug with my name, website, etc. so bad. When I ordered, Nat’l Pen had an offer, buy one mug get one free. Make wonderful prizes. Fill the mug with goodies such as a bookmark, pen, book thong, business card, and that’s it.

Comment by Cassie

Forgot to mention at Oriental Trading Company, I bought a dozen canvas tote bags and used t-shirt iron-on transfers that I had printed my book cover, name, website on and ironed on on the totes. My friends loved them. Great way to advertise.

Comment by Cassie

Wow, another massively useful post. Thanks so much, Cassie!


Comment by asherose

Thanks Kathleen! VistaPrint, Oriental Trading and National Pens Co. are great places to deal. Good prices, good products, and good shipping time.

Comment by Casse

Thank you for the info, Cassie!

Comment by graysonreyescole

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