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A Sharpest Wife, Episode 2: Hunger by Grayson Cole
November 9, 2008, 2:18 pm
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sharpestblade1Last Sunday, we parted with Clayan who had just parted from his dull, boring Sharpness Wife. We aren’t completely sure what a Sharpness Wife is, but we do know that if she is abandoned by her husband, she will die. Unless she is a Sharpest Wife… What’s that you ask? Read on, dear friends, as we start to see this world from our heroine Ananda’s point of view!

For near two weeks, Ananda’s family did not seek her.


Ananda was certain that she did not seek herself. Oh she ate, drank, made use of the privacy, but did nothing else. She could not remember any significant thoughts crossing her mind. Save for the one time when she wondered what grief felt like and whether anyone would grieve her. To think seemed to be a waste when she was most assuredly going to wither away and die a silent and pitiful death.


When, finally, her mother and three remaining sisters came, it was with a Sharpness Priest in tow. They brought him there to bless and burn her body. Her sisters came to split up her servants. Her mother came to ensure at least one servamt was left for Clayan should he choose to ever return.


“How were we to know you would live, Ananda?” Her mother asked after speaking many words that did not seem to penetrate Ananada’s stolid gaze.


“Yes, how were we to know?” Her sisters, three of four, the third dead of abandonment, followed.


How were they to know?


Ananda did not condemn them. She had been no better. Sitting there, waiting to die like abandoned Sharpness Wives before her, like her sister, Anya, before her. Her favored servant, Mari, had belonged to Anya once. She’d watched the priest bless and burn her sister’s body the same way he would have done her. She was no better than them.


Maybe she was worse. Ananda had waited, ignoring her household duties, ignoring her evening prayers. Doing things that sustained her life, passingly curious as to why. Waiting for her eyes to close and her chest to move no more. Anya had cried out, demanded help,wanted someone at her side to pass her last breath to. Ananda had taken that last breath, but inside she had felt nothing.


In Ananda’s final moments in the house, she sat very still feeling like an abomination. She felt that her body was a casing for something cold and hungry and that if she did not wake up, it was going to consume her heart and mind, take her over her body her soul… and…


But then…




Her appetite grew, and the house became sticky, and she couldn’t stand the smell of sweet things.


And the fourteenth day, which is when they came with the priest, the change had already happened, but still she sat silent as they postuerd. Her sister Aisha was the first to say it. And she said it with fear and reverence as she kneeled, dragging her two sisters with her. The priest and Ananda’s mother kneeled clumsily, too.


A frightened beat in every heart, called to Ananda.




Ananda didn’t care to regard them in that moment.


She was, after all, suddenly ravenous. And she did, after all, have a husband to eat.



Don’t miss next Sunday’s episode when we finally find out just what a Sharpest Wife is!


Grayson Reyes-Cole

Author of Bright Star


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Wow Oh Wow! I am anxious to read on! it definitely has my attention when do you think the next segment will be out?


Comment by Caden Leigh

Hey Caden! A new episode of 500 words or so will be posted every Sunday.

Tschuss, Grayson!

Comment by Grayson

OMG good! right before my True Blood!

Comment by Caden Leigh

Great! I can’t wait to read the next segment!

Comment by Micah

Thank you, Micah! Oh I like the prequel to Sunday Night TruBlood connection!


Comment by graysonreyescole

I love this, this is great! Looking forward to the next installment.


Comment by Lesli Richardson

Thank you very much, Lesli!

Comment by graysonreyescole

Very interesting.

Comment by Charlotte McClain

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