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Diet by Christa Maurice
October 30, 2008, 6:28 pm
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Yeah, I’m on a diet. Hoping to get the situation (the situation being my hips) under control before Christmas hits. It’s not looking good.

Most of my life I’ve been able to maintain a slightly overweight, but perfectly acceptable physique, but during our last sojourn in Korea Guitarman was diagnosed with, operated on and treated for cancer. He’s fine now, 15 months clean. The treatment was spectacular and not financially crippling. However, he lost a ton of weight. Being the good wife that I am, I hunted down every pound. There’s a picture on my desk of us taken on Halloween last year, not long after his treatments ended, and we look like Jack Spratt and his wife. He’s managed to full out in the past year to looking more like his old self. Me? I’m still, ah, full.

So here I sit, my current heroine is still clueless about what her problem is and so is the hero, but I know and I’m ready to crank up the heat on their discomfort. I’ve got good writing music on (Sarah McLaughlin.) And what am I thinking about?


Charlotte “Chocoholic” McClain


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I know what you’re dealing with, Charlotte. For me the downfall is fastfood. I love me some Taco Bell. And Arby’s. And Long John Silver’s. Okay, this list is a never ending one.:D

Comment by Dara

WHat’s wrong with a little chocolate?

Comment by Aubrey Leatherwood

A little chocolate isn’t problem. But I never stop at a little. :>

Comment by charlottemcclain

I feel your pain. I’m like the Titanic – everything goes to the bottom. *LOL*

Comment by Lesli Richardson

Hmm… I don’t really eat sweets… But I can commiserate, Charlotte, by thinking about a large plate of assorted grilled meats… mmmmmmmmmmmmmm meat…

Comment by graysonreyescole

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