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Now what do I do? by Cassie Exline
October 29, 2008, 10:23 am
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It’s my turn to blog. Yikes! What to do. What to say. Topic choice was eyebrow waxing or helping a fellow author. You see which won. So let me amuse you, author.  (ohhhh bad pun, don’t spit your coffee on the monitor)

Let’s be serious for a mo. You’ve just submitted or received a contract for your masterpiece. You have three to six months to kill. Yeah! What to you do in the mean time? Get your hair done? File your nails? Nope, there are lots and lots to do.  Come on let’s get started.

Here’s a checklist:

Website — if you have a site, look it over and tidy, tidy, tidy. Check out other sites for newer ideas. No site and money is tight, there are free sites. My choice is tripod and freewebs. Both easy for the newbie who is not a computer wiz. Me!! Here’s a link for Free Hosts — it has 275 sites.  wow!

Special Note: A wise Webmistress once sent out a list of do’s & don’ts when creating a website. This is just a couple that stand out to me — no music. (I know, I know) The reasoning: a lot of people surf the net at the office. If music blares out at the visitor — no more repeat visit. (good reason for no music, I mourned for days).  Another tip — fonts. Make them large enough to read and color easy on the eyes.  Next — speed. In other words how quickly your web site loads.  If it takes forever to load, you’ve lost a visitor.  People still use dial up and we want visitors to return. (Everything else she said is a blur, but I remember those pointers. lol)

Blogs: WordPress and Blogspot come to mind, and there are other free blogs.  The best feature about WordPress is being able to add pages. Love that!

Myspace: A necessary evil and a must to reach a large number of people and make contacts.  (I was approached by an editor of a site to submit a story via myspace and I was approached for a… never mind, that’s a topic for another day. lol Oh, I did send in a story and it’s still being used. If you want a copy let me know, it’s a free read.)

Now are the things that you may never heard of or thought about (I sure didn’t):

Tagline, Banner, Trailers ????? What in the name of all that is holy! That’ll keep you awake for awhile. lol

Tagline: No quick fix there. You’re on your own, but you can bounce ideas on people. Mine: Cross the Line with Exline or Dare to Cross the Line or Sassy, Sexy and Saucy (my first one).  I know, I need a new one.

Banners: Fortunately, free banner generators are around. Here’s one: Banner Fan.  It’s easy to use. Or at Banner Sketch. I’ve also used PowerPoint and sized it to make a banner. There are more free sites.

Trailers:  My computer has a Windows Movie Maker. Not hard to use, especially since I can make a trailer. (If you wanna see it, let me know. It’s old, but it’s pretty. lol)

Next you’ll need:

Photobucket: Why? You’ll need to use codes in a lot of promo posts. Photobucket supplies four different codes.  (I copy & paste all my codes and keep filed in a yahoo folder to have when needed — ain’t I just so special .. lol)

Youtube: Post your trailer.

Next you’ll need to participate in loop chats. Why? To kill time. Duh! I thought I made myself clear at the beginning. lol Seriously though, you need to get your name out there and show support to other authors. Amuse them. (stop moaning! It’s my blog and I’ll pun if I want to, pun if I want to, pun if I want toooooo. If it was your blog, you’d pun too! coffee?)

One loop group in particular that I find useful is Marketing for Romance Writers. You don’t need to be a romance writer to join. The loop is great because there are members from all over the globe in various areas of writing — authors, publishers, readers, lurkers, etc. I’ve gotten great links and tips, plus met a lot of great people. It’s not a promo group, but it’s a help group for marketing and promoting.

That’s about the end of my lecture. Hope I helped, hope you enjoyed, and hope you were amused. (you were too amused, I saw you smile, admit it!)

This has been Cassie Exline, coming to you live from my home office and under the influence of too much caffeine. Good morning and have a great day!


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Thats a great list, it helps a lot for people just starting out…

Comment by Savannah Chase

When I started out, I had no idea where to go or what to do. And it’s hard when you don’t have a degree in computers, which I don’t. lol


Comment by Cassie

I don’t have one either, i had to learn everything on my own…I’m still never stops

Comment by Savannah Chase

Very helpful list, Cassie! Thank you for posting.

Comment by Aubrey

This is a GREAT promotion list! But I’d like to add just one thing: START your next WIP! Whenever you send off a manuscript or have one accepted, cheer and jump up and down and celebrate how awesome you are. Then start the next thing! You want a career, not a one-shot deal! All this promotion is absolutely necessary and I love this list. But the best way to promote THIS book is to write a great NEXT book!


Comment by asherose

Right on, Kathleen.

Cassie, a very helpful list. You have some great resources here I didn’t know about and as for the ones I did, I can always use a reminder.

Comment by Dara

Thanks everyone. I’m so glad you liked the list and there’s more I could have added.
And I quite agree to keep writing and writing. Sometimes I think it’s best have already written several books/stories before taking the next step. Because I can’t do everything at once.


Comment by Cassie

More? That’ll have to be the next class for when, after 6 months, your “fictional” author is still waiting.

Comment by charlottemcclain

Good idea, Charlotte. Those 6 months will zip by, then we’ll see how Mabel Lee is doing. lol


Comment by Cassie

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