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National Novel Writing Month by Kathleen
October 28, 2008, 3:12 pm
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National Novel Writing Month is coming! It’s November. This year is the ten year anniversary!

The plan is, you clear your decks and commit to writing a 50,000 word novel, starting the first of November and ending the 30th of November. Even if you try and fail, you’re richer by a lot of knowledge, some inhibitions to your writing perhaps removed, and the advice and encouragement of famous authors like Neil Gaiman, who wrote one of five nice articles last year.

If you succeed, you win the accolades of the adoring public, and sometimes something rather cool. For example, winners of 2007 got a free POD proof copy of their book! You also get to say you did it, and show that with some graphics on your website.

It’s also a terrific promotion opportunity–you can chat and brag with (and point out your website and published books to) lots of other people. There are almost 70,000 people signed up on the site to do it this year. The site tends to be coy about whether editors and publishers are paying attention, but… they might be.

If you have questions, like, how could it even be POSSIBLE to do this, or, why can’t I cheat, then head over to the FAQ on the site and learn up! Join us! It’s insidious, it’s fun, and it’s got a great many benefits. Anyone who wants to be a professional writer SHOULD do this, and anyone who wants to write at all will enjoy it!


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Wow, this sounds like a great challenge. Every year I tell myself I’m going to try it and every year I don’t. 😀 This year is no exception, I’m afraid. I’ve got too much else on my plate. Maybe 2010? Its a goal anyway.

Comment by Dara

Here’s wishing you good luck on it, Kathleen. I did it last year but, like Dara, don’t think I can manage this year. I have set my own goal, though: I have every intent of completing three WIPs in the month of November. We’ll cheer each other on


Comment by graysonreyescole

The thing about it is, there is no time when you have time… you have to do it anyway. It’s kinda Zen. 🙂


Comment by asherose

I tried this last year and discovered that I’m no jackrabbit. Good luck to you and I wish I could join you.

Comment by charlottemcclain

Ohhh I’d love to do this. Scary, but I love a challenge. hmmmmm



Comment by Cassie Exline

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