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Long time, no see! by Tymber Dalton
October 25, 2017, 6:33 pm
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Right now, I’m not writing much as Lesli. You can find my Tymber Dalton releases (and all my releases, actually) via my website at:



Romantic Times Reviews Fan Mail! by aubreyleatherwood
Cover for Aubrey Leatherwood's Fan Mail

Fan Mail from Cobblestone Press

When is a three-star review a five-star review? When it’s the recent review for Fan Mail in the September 2011 edition of Romantic Times Magazine (almost wrote Fan Maul, that’s another book, lol).

Keitha Hart at RT starts off the review by saying “This is an emotionally intense novella with believable characters and very hot love scenes. The characters are so finely created that readers will believe…” Seriously, I couldn’t ask for more. The one criticism in the review that I’ve also gotten with other pieces is that it could be longer. I really need to figure out how to crank out full length novels faster and stop it with the novellas. Granted… I *am* supposed to leave them wanting more, right? ūüėČ Still, the most important thing about this story is the relationship between Alicia and Tommy, and that, my friends, came across loud and clear.

Motivated to finish something new,


If You Asked Me To: Recommended Read at ARe by aubreyleatherwood

There’s no containing the excitement, peeps. If You Asked Me To has just been reviewed by Susan at AllRomanceeBooks. And it is good… Recommended Read good. ūüėÄ

She says, ” If You Asked Me To by Aubrey Leatherwood held me captive not because of the hot sex scenes but by the raw beauty of Ray‚Äôs feelings for Shelley.” and later she adds, “If You Asked Me To is the perfect novel for readers who want romance with substance, readers who treasure thought-provoking stories over fleeting moments of hot sex. But don‚Äôt get me wrong, Shelley and Ray have a very passionate sex life…”

Awesomeness. You should read it if you haven’t. If you have, stop by and let me know what you think.

Read the full review here:

Cover for If You Asked Me To

All in for High Stakes Lust!

Buy If You Asked Me To anywhere eBooks are sold.


Happy Birthday AMP from Aubrey Leatherwood by aubreyleatherwood

Welcome to my blog!

I’m Aubrey Leatherwood and here are five things about me:

  • writer of contemporary erotic fiction and 2008 Romantic Times nominee for Best Erotic Fiction
  • favorite afternoon is a hot day in the pool with a mimosa and friends
  • a¬†word-o-phile, but not an edit-o-phile (working on the second part there)
  • it’s possible that I was writing erotica as a virgin, lol
  • I grill and barbecue like nobody’s business. Men… don’t touch my grill!

I’d like to take a moment to tell you abou the scariest erotic piece I’ve ever written. More scary t han vampires, werewolves, demons, or bad boys you just can’t quite let go of. What could it possibly be? you ask, or maybe you didn’t but I’m going to tell you anyway. The scary business in this story is the heroine’s¬†debilitating disease.¬†Her physical impairment is¬†not just a side note about her. Shelley’s condition is up front and center in the novella If You Asked Me To.

I¬†started¬†this story with a song in mind. I don’t usually write with songs in my head or even with music playing inthe background, but this time I used a phrase to inspire where the story went. I wanted intrigue, a caper through a string of Caribbean islands, a heroine with a dark past and trouble always on her heels, a hero who can’t help but get her out of it. That’s what I wanted. The story and the characters wanted something different. So I said to myself, I’ll write that story another time, where’s this one going.

Next phase was me writing this piece with the hopes of¬†donating it¬†to a charity anthology. The anthology’s purpose was to emphasize the fact that we all need love, to be touched, and to connect on the most primitive of levels with another human being.¬†If¬†You Asked Me To¬†ended up¬†way, way, way too long to be a part of an anthology. And, well it seemed like it needed to be its own animal.

First things first, I had to become engaged with Shelley, I had to be her just a little bit and let her be me just a little bit, so that a reader, any reader¬†wouldn’t pity her, disease or not, and would relate to her instead. We’re all¬†a bit damaged in one way or another, and intense friendships–love for characters–are born from the bond of adversity. Building that, however, takes time, and space and growth. OK, OK, so I admit it freely, I just couldn’t keep the story short :).

In paying respect to Shelley, I had to make her real, making her both strong an vulnerable, in paying respect to the romance, I had to give her a man, a gorgeous, sexy, man who was also both strong and vulnerable, and just a little flawed so that he, too ,was real. Then¬†Ray Costas¬†took over!¬†Somehow, in all of this, writing a romance about a woman with a “disability” turned into writing a romance about a man trying to love a woman with a “disability”. And you know, I have to say, I like it better this way, and I’m hoping you and other readers will, too.

Ya know what else? I did mention that at it’s heart, this story is a romance, but, you guys know me, It has to be, has to be, HAS TO BE hot! Yep, there is one scene, that I literraly fantasize about at least once a week, and hell I wrote it! LOL!!! So come on, If you’d like to read the story, go ahead, click here:

Aubrey Leatherwood

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Cover for If You Asked Me To

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Next stop Melissa Aires who will seduce you with dark tales at the Del Fantasma.

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Next stop Melissa Aires who will seduce you with dark tales at the Del Fantasma.

If You Asked Me To Now on Amazon and AllRomanceEbooks by aubreyleatherwood
July 31, 2011, 11:24 am
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Cover for If You Asked Me To

All in for High Stakes Lust!

Yeah, baby! I’m ecstatic to announce that If You Asked Me To is now available on Amazon and AllRomanceEbooks!
Get your copy of this contemporary erotic piece featuring a differently abled heroine and some excellent gambling action now!

St. Patrick’s Day Hide and Seek by aubreyleatherwood
March 6, 2011, 7:05 am
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St. Patrick's Day Hide and Seek Icon
For the Good Times

In an attempt to fill his love’s new e-reader, Paddy the leprechaun has been visiting lots of author’s websites. Unbeknownst to him there was a hole in his pocket and he has lost his gold. He needs your help to refill his pot and ensure a Happy St Patrick’s Day for everyone going to the party at the Rainbow’s end. What you need to do is visit the author’s sites and find where the gold fell out of Paddy’s pocket

(Note: The image on this page doesn’t count.)

Keep a list of who and where you found it and in one (1) email send your answers to corinnedavies @  (no spaces)

Be certain to type: St Patrick’s Contest in the subject box.

The contest is open from 12:01am, March 7st to 11:59pm on March 17th .  Entries with all the correct answers will be entered into a drawing.

One (1) prize will be awarded per winner.

The names of the winners will be listed on the site of all participating authors. Each winner will be contacted by the individual author of the given prize.

Participating authors & prizes:

Mechele Armstrong     ~ A green candle set

Drea Becraft     ~ A surprise of Irish goodies

Savannah Chase       ~ An electronic copy of her novel, Pleasure After The Pain

Kris Cook     ~ An electronic copy of Perfection

Corinne Davies      ~ A one of a kind pendant made by Shameless Fashions

Stacey Espino      ~ A $10 gift certificate to either Siren or Evernight Publishing

 Erin M. Leaf     ~ An electronic copy and autographed print copy of Appassionato

Chloe Lang    ~ a $10 Strandbucks gift certificate

Aubrey Leatherwood ~ An electronic copy of her novel, Model Lover

Missy Martine     ~ An electronic version of any book on her site, along with a printed t-shirt,  hat, cloth tote bag and some swag (pens, magnets, etc)

Sophie Oak    ~ An autographed copy of Two to Love and Three to Ride & $25.00 Strandbucks gift certificate

 Heather Rainier      ~ $20.00 gift card for Hips and Curves

 Zenobia Renquist    ~ 2 copies of Harley on the Rocks    (**2 winners**)

Jenika Snow       ~ Readers choice, an electronic copy of any of her books

Regan Taylor     ~ A shamrock necklace

Kiera West    ~ A $10 Strandbucks gift certificate

May the Luck of the Irish be with you!!!

New Cover for Fan Mail by aubreyleatherwood
February 22, 2011, 8:54 pm
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OK, so I have it now.. AWESOME! It’s my cover for Fan Mail coming soon from Cobblestone Press. I find it positively yummy! And I’m so amazed at how well¬†the couple matches my couple. Here’s what I described to the cover art people at Cobblestone:

Cover for Aubrey Leatherwood's Fan Mail
Fan Mail from Cobblestone Press

Tommy Touhy:

–‚ÄúMaybe,‚ÄĚ Tommy shrugged. It was a nonchalant movement, but his taut shoulders shrugged and his muscled played under his shirt. He‚Äôd dropped his black, Moncler Gamme Bleu three-quarters jacket on the sofa, and his long-sleeved black Marni sweater was a snug fit. Despite or maybe because of the outrageous juxtaposition of superior fashion and gritty cop, his pale coloring against the black coupled with his bright red hair and brilliant green eyes was startling and‚Ķ well, erotic.–
Yes, ladies, that’s a mouthful. As for our heroine Alicia Langerud… here’s her description:
–Already, on a purely physical level, the young woman had the power to steal one‚Äôs breath. But as she flirted with the camera, every eye in the room was on her. Stylists clumped in corners nodding and whispering to each other that Alicia was pure devastation. Devastation was synonymous with beauty at Lane V Modeling Agency.

The hair already made her a standout, thick coarse waves erupting from her head and down her back like a wolf’s mane. Wild, it looked, and at fascinating odds with the poise of her sculpted but not overly full pink lips, patrician nose, and startling, startling crystal blue eyes. Where in the hell had the girl gotten true to life, honest-to-goodness blue eyes? Eyes closed, she could have been any ethnicity, black, Latin, Middle Eastern, even Asian.

Deliciously perfect, her skin matched the color of a hot latte. Creamy but with a caramel undertone. Gorgeous. Eyes open? An English rose kissed long by the sun. Magnificent.

In a room filled with stunning models, she drew undivided attention.–

Very close, lovelies!
Aubrey Leatherwood